80% of employees are in tune with their corporate culture

Most employees are happy with the culture of their company. That’s what Slik, a digital company that analyzes and manages the employee experience in real time, reveals. According to data collected by the company, 80% of employees are in line with the values ​​of the organization. Added to this is a report by Randstad Employer Brand Research which shows that 43% of Spaniards want to telecommute and reconcile work and personal life. This is always the key to choosing the company to work for.

In order to foster this type of business environment, it is necessary to promote internal communication. The report prepared by Slik shows that there is a relationship between internal communication and the culture of the organization. The study indicates that organizations that promote more understandable, creative and useful communication will achieve a higher level of satisfaction from their employees.

However, business satisfaction doesn’t last forever, according to this company. From Slik, they point out that this decreases significantly when the employee is between 5 and 9 years old.

The key lies in managing the performance of the organization and not neglecting communication and the well-being of the staff. Thus, 50% of employee satisfaction depends on the combination of good leadership, teamwork and the availability of resources to complete tasks. This means an improvement in the working environment and working climate, in addition to greater productivity and a commitment to the company.

The head of People Science at Slik, Paulina Robalino, assures that “the satisfaction of the organizational culture of the company is essential to foster the development and growth of the employees themselves and of the company in general”. She advises organizations to be able to anticipate a possible “demotivation or dissatisfaction” of employees.

Likewise, the digital company recommends that companies carry out a workforce satisfaction diagnosis. To do this, they suggest the existence of an early analysis and continuous monitoring of employees “to allow organizations to propose projects that can be motivating for the worker”.

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