80% of workers want to dress more casually at work after a year at home

80% of workers want to dress more casually at work after a year at home

Since the beginning of the year, thousands of workers around the world are gradually organizing their return to the office, and in light of this IWG, the world’s largest operator of offices and flexible spaces with brands such as Spaces and Regus , has teamed up with iconic British designer Giles Deacon. Known for dressing celebrities such as actress Cate Blanchett, or for designing the wedding dress for Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge. The artist has assembled a collection of office wear for IWG created and inspired to be worn in post-pandemic workplaces.

Almost 18 months after the installation of teleworking in our daily lives, employees around the world are adapting to a new hybrid way of working. The IWG X GILES capsule collection has been designed with this in mind, fusing the more comfortable sartorial options many have adopted at home, with a more elegant outfit normally expected in an office. This collection is based on a study by IWG, which shows the desire of office workers to take back the most elegant work clothes, giving them greater safety, but without sacrificing comfort and the latest trends. Como resultado, la coleccin de ropa de oficina hbrida encompassed tres looks distintos -uno masculino, otro femenino y otro no binario- que combinan un estilo de moda, siluetas favorecedoras y una confeccin ms suave para guaranteeizar that el usuario se sienta elegante y cmodo en work.

The collection responds to the desire of workers to express their individuality at work through their clothing. According to a study by IWG, 55% of respondents work best when they have the freedom to dress the way they want, and 40% say they are more creative. We also know that Millennials and Generation Z are particularly aware of the importance of expressing themselves at work through their wardrobes. Thus, more than half (51%) of young people between 18 and 24 say that their wardrobe reflects their personality. In addition, 51% of citizens aged 25 to 34 say that their office attire is linked to their creativity.

The new fashion for offices after the pandemic

De-escalation continues to progress in different countries and the question of what to wear when returning to the office has been on the minds of many workers, with the vast majority (64%) opting for comfortable clothing over formal clothing. Likewise, more than half (59%) say the days of street dress are over, while 39% think less formal attire will be more acceptable in the office thanks to hybrid work.

Although the fashion for workwear is clearly changing, almost two-thirds (64%) still agree that what they wear today is age-related, and one-third (32%) say they are feel better about themselves when they wear more stylish clothes, highlighting the need for style in the new collection, according to IWG analysis.

Curfews imposed by the pandemic have made working from home the norm for many, but there are already clear signs that the future of work is a hybrid model. This year, IWG has seen a significant increase in demand for suburban (32%) and rural (20%) office space as businesses begin to operate with a “hub and spoke” model. This approach means that employees divide their time between their home, a local office and the occasional corporate headquarters.

An IWG survey of FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 CEOs, conducted earlier this year, found that the number of companies that want to use a hybrid desktop model is three times as many as those that intend to use a hybrid desktop model. in the same way as before the pandemic. However, despite this clear shift towards more flexible practices, the office will play a key role in post-pandemic professional life. IWG’s Wi-Fi access data shows that office visits to its centers have increased 58% since early January.

Fatima Koning, IWG Group Sales Manager said: “Giles Deacon is a fashion icon and we are delighted to have partnered with him to create the IWG x Giles collection, bringing the latest trends in post work wear to life. -pandemic. The collection was inspired. by our experiences of the past year and by the desire to look and feel fabulous, without sacrificing comfort. “

IWG x GILES inspiration

The collection of the British artist consists of organic fabrics, with poplin, soft needle cord, compact wool and cotton sweaters. This collaboration represents a break from the more traditional fabrics that were commonly used before the alarm state and aims to guide workers to make more thoughtful decisions for their work clothes, purchasing durable and durable parts.

Color palettes range from traditional black and white to a wider palette of grays and charcoals as well as navy tones and soft browns, chosen to build user strength and confidence. Additionally, khaki and sand colors are chosen for their calming properties, while brighter colors, such as light blue, help the employee feel happy, confident and assertive, while red represents leadership and determination. . .

Part of the inspiration for the collection came from Giles’ visits to IWG sites, including several in the Spaces portfolio, such as Spaces Liverpool Street, where the IWG X Giles capsule collection was filmed. Thus, Spaces offers creative work environments with a unique entrepreneurial spirit in hundreds of locations around the world, perfect for leading thinkers, innovators and game changers with confidence in success.

Giles Deacon, creator of the IWG X GILES collection, details: “There has been a remarkable change in how people relate to clothing throughout the pandemic and as a result what we wear in the office has changed forever. The IWG x Giles capsule collection was designed with the hybrid worker in mind, combining a sleek business look with comfort. All colors and fabrics have been selected to make the user feel happy, calm, confident and determined wherever they work.

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