82 scientific societies demand that the government and the autonomous communities not stop vaccination and join forces to manage the pandemic

Publication: Friday April 16, 2021 4:34 PM

In total, 82 national scientific societies, representing more than 200,000 health professionals, launched this Friday a joint manifesto in which they ask the government and the autonomous communities not to stop vaccination and to “agree” on the control of the pandemic. The main message addressed to the political authorities is the following: to vaccinate the citizens and this other: to be vaccinated “, affirm the scientists in a text made public at the close of the II Covid-19 National Congress and in which they demand that the vaccination not or not suspended “without observing purely scientific criteria or on impulse”.

Likewise, they ask that fear is not cultivated and insist on the need for administrations to coordinate their policies and also their messages to generate confidence and transmit a message of “collaboration and cooperation among all as the best way to win. the pandemic “. The company calls for transparency and transparency means informing society of new evidence that is obtained. This new evidence incorporates nuances into messages. Those nuances are the essence of scientific knowledge, but they correspond to the experts, and no to politicians, translate those nuances into recommendations. ”

This is how health professionals represented by these scientific societies have defended it, stressing how much “has been learned and advanced in a year”. Along with this, they embarked on research to continue to “unravel the outstanding unknowns” about the virus itself and also about vaccines, such as variant immunity, their ability to stop transmission of the virus. infection, cross-immunity in some populations, continuity of symptoms or the so-called Covid-persistent.

Research is not based on rhetoric, but with resources “

“We have learned a lot from this pandemic, but perhaps the main one is the strategic importance of research”, abound the experts, convinced that “it is only science and innovation that we could hope for solutions to this situation and only from science and technology. ”, Which is why they emphasized that“ research is not based on rhetoric, but with resources ”.

After insisting that “betting” on it means devoting resources, they demanded a “radical change in trend” in public investments for R + D + i from public administrations and asked citizens ” to demand it ”, according to a manifesto which also insists on the importance of public health policies and underlines that health crises“ are better resolved are those that are avoided, because there is no system capable of supporting levels of health pressure such as those experienced ”in recent months.

More resources for the health system

The scientific societies signing the text are also calling for more resources for primary and hospital care and ensuring that the pandemic has demonstrated the “key role” that all health professionals play in the health system and the “need for them. strengthen ”by providing them with the appropriate resources. “There is a need to correct the chronic workforce shortages of the national health system, because, as in the case of science, investment is committed in health.”

“And in particular, with investments in human resources”, subscribe the 80 scientific societies which signed the manifesto, urging to continue working for the “total and complete” recovery of the patient who overcame the acute phase of Covid- 19, acting against the sequelae, physical or mental that may result from the infection. In terms of health management, they specify that the pandemic “has led to the creation of new methods of care”, in particular telematics, which, in their opinion, “undoubtedly marks a path that will continue to advance in the future “and commit to” face a debate on social and health care for the elderly “.

Likewise, they stress that the crisis has fostered a culture of flexibility and collaborative work “which has come to last” and they stress the need to improve the communication of health decisions, convinced that this pandemic has also been an “infodemic and showed with extraordinary rudeness to what extent the information offered to the population is sensitive and relevant ”.

An aspect in which, they recognize, “we also have a lot to learn, scientists and health workers, the first, with understandable, clear, timely, practical and rigorous information”. “But it will hardly be useful if we do so if public messages are used as a political ram and not as a tool for prevention, information and social awareness,” concludes the manifesto, whose promoters invite all the company to join their initiative. through the open petition on the platform.

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