83% of people infected with the coronavirus in recent weeks have not been vaccinated

Posted: Tuesday July 20 2021 11:22 PM

83.1% of coronavirus cases reported in the past five weeks correspond to unvaccinated people. This was indicated on Tuesday by Carolina Darias, who specified that 5.5% of newly infected were vaccinated with the complete schedule and 11.4% had an incomplete vaccination schedule.

Data which, as the Minister of Health points out, “speaks of the importance of vaccination to protect against the virus”. In this sense, Darias claimed that “that 5.5% of people with a full schedule have been infected lies in the effectiveness of this vaccine, which is around 90%”.

The health official provided the data during the press conference after the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System, where she confirmed that “the evolution of the pandemic continues to increase”, although she noted that “The rate of increase in these cases has been declining in recent days.”

This, in a day in which Spain recorded 27,286 new infections and 29 additional deaths, while the cumulative incidence stands at 622.41 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Data before which Darias pointed to a “slowing down of the rise in infections” and differentiated between “two epidemiological curves”, corresponding respectively to the over 40s, with greater vaccination coverage, and to those under this age, respectively. However, he warned that “virus circulation continues to be high”, calling for “maximum caution”.

On the other hand, and after having exceeded 50% of the population vaccinated with the full schedule the day before, this Tuesday the number of vaccinated rose to 24,344,008 Spaniards. In this sense, Darias assured that “we are in the conditions” to reach 25 million vaccinated with the full schedule this week, while the government maintains the target of 70% vaccinated before the end of August.

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