86% of workers consider that there is a lack of leadership among their managers

Today, many organizations face great challenges when it comes to dealing with the changes that the market is marking and adapting their teams, especially their leaders, to achieve expected results. After a study by the World Economic Forum, it was found that 86% of respondents agree on the existence of a lack of leadership in their organizations by managers.

The same World Economic Forum identified the lack of leadership as one of the biggest challenges today. In addition, in the Talent Survey released by Aon Hewitt, it is stated that only 12% of respondents consider their leaders effective in achieving business goals and only 7% believe they fulfill the task of retaining talent.

In this sense, S & You, a Human Resources consulting firm specializing in the selection of middle and executive profiles, warns of the importance of helping managers manage their teams. Many of them were internal promotions, where technical knowledge rewarded their people management skills. This is why it is precious to support them in their development as trusted leaders.

Difficulty filling leadership positions due to lack of leaders

The biggest challenge facing today’s leaders is being able to react and adapt to an ever-changing market. A leader must achieve a number of goals, including meeting business goals, achieving profitability, and retaining talent in the organization.

Covadonga San Martín, S & You consultant reveals that “the main mistake is that in most organizations you ask technical and functional experts who do their job well to lead a team. Indeed, career advancement generally means moving to people management and management, even when that person’s area of ​​expertise is not related to people management, but on the contrary is not related to people management. not helped in the process of developing these new skills ”.

As businesses transform, it’s more important than ever to find candidates with the full mix of technical and soft skills – and more difficult, too. The fundamental keys to determining the success of a company are found in the collaborative capacity of its teams combined with the talent of a good empathetic, committed leader, with the ability to create an environment of trust, where he is exemplary and creates autonomy in its teams.

Transform technical expertise into continuous leadership development

Covadonga adds, “Many organizations do not consider it important enough to fill this leadership capacity gap with the training necessary to transform technical or functional experts into qualified leaders. If managers do not learn these skills, they risk underperforming and becoming frustrated. “

For this reason, companies must engage in the continuous development of their leaders and workers and help them become professionals. People management continues to be one of the most in-demand skills across all industries and is a key competitive advantage for business success. It is therefore imperative to invest in learning and development tools to attract and promote talent.

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