8Belts offers to prove its knowledge with the Cambridge LinguaSkill exam to its English students

8Belts offers to prove its knowledge with the Cambridge LinguaSkill exam to its English students

8Belt English students now have the opportunity to obtain the Cambridge certification which internationally accredits their level of English. This certification is particularly useful in the curriculum and work environment when looking for a job. Cambridge LinguaSkill accreditation includes levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 in four skills: listening, reading, writing, speaking. The certification exam is done online (online).

Support and support from 8Belts

To facilitate this certification, 8Belts has created an ad hoc offer that includes the Cambridge Placement Test, an initial assessment by Cambridge when hiring the course, if the student wants to know their initial level and a certification preparation path that is activated once the master’s course is completed by 8Belts (minimum 8 months after study on the road), which lasts 3 months but never expires.

This route includes two platforms developed with artificial intelligence. One to practice writing with recommendations to raise the level of writing and the second to practice conversation, in addition to specific training to improve listening and writing, as well as access to Learning platform for the vocabulary and grammar structures of the certification exam. After completing the 8Belts fluency course (8-12 months) and the certification course (3 months), the student has free access to the Linguaskill knowledge accreditation exam.

The Fluency Path is 8Belts’ specific path to become fluent in a given language. Usually multiplies a student’s speed at progressing in a language. For its part, the certification path complements the 8Belts training with specific knowledge for the certification exam and is useful if the student needs or wishes to obtain official Cambridge certification. It incorporates the vocabulary and grammar concepts necessary for the test, as well as the practice of writing and reading.

Cambridge Linguaskill Exam

This is Cambridge’s official online certification exam and the only exam that can be taken without attending. Compared to the Cambridge face-to-face exams, where the student passes a certain level (for example B1) and if he passes it obtains the certification of that level, in Linguaskill the student receives his level accreditation according to the 4 fundamental skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking. This way, in one exam, you can accredit a different level A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 in each of the available skills.

The exam is online and requires a Windows computer, camera, and microphone. The student is followed by a teacher throughout the test to make sure that no one is helping him and that no one is pretending to be him. The results comply with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the international standard for describing language skills.

The exam cannot be failed as it always indicates an English level or accreditation in each of the 4 skills. This level can range from A2 to C1. If the student wishes to increase the grade in one of the skills, he can reinstate that skill within six months of the exam with an additional payment for each skill (25 euros).

Certification recognized by most Spanish universities

The Cambridge Linguaskill exam is recognized by ACLES, the Association of Higher Education Language Centers and CRUE, the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities. These two bodies are the ones that accredit which foreign language certificates meet the quality requirements according to the recommendations and levels of the European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(A1 to C2).

Some universities require certification through face-to-face supervision. If the exam is required to pass a university degree, the student must first confirm its validity with the said university.

8Belts, the fastest way to certification

According to Cambridge English, the average number of hours of study required for each stage is: A2 – 180-200 hours (1 hour of study per day for 2 years without interruption); B1 – 350-400 hours (1 hour of study per day for 4 years); B2 – 500-600 hours (1 hour of study per day for 6 years); C1 – 700-800 hours (1 hour of study per day for 8 years) and C2 – 1000-1200 hours. With 8 Belts this progression is accelerated and it is possible to obtain a B1 and in some cases even a C1 in a single year, although the progress of each student may vary.

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