8M adapts to the pandemic

Publication: Monday March 8, 2021 20:39

Thousands of women have taken to the streets to claim their rights for another year. In a year marked by the pandemic, crowds have been replaced by acts of respect in which masks and social distancing have been present.

Feminists have again cried for this March 8 in many Spanish cities. Symbolic acts in the street, concentrations of reduced capacity, purple balconies, applause from the house and institutional declarations have replaced the 8 million massive marches in this pandemic year, limited throughout the country and banned in Madrid.

The ban on the government delegation has prevented Madrid, in which the great feminist march met years ago, from being the quietest of this 8M. The delegation’s decision was ratified by the Superior Court of Justice in Madrid and later by the Constitutional Court.

Despite this, several groups of women took to the streets of central Madrid, where – keeping a safe distance – they cut several lanes of Paseo de Recoletos and Calle Alcalá, chanting proclamations such as ‘ce n’ is not a party, it is a protest. ”,“ freedom of speech and demonstration ”or“ here we are feminists ”.

The only moment of tension came this morning, when during a demonstration organized by the Student Union in Plaza de la Puerta del Sol in Madrid, SAMUR had to deal with a demonstrator who had Scratches on her face after two other women allegedly assaulted her. Witnesses at the time said two women approached the demonstration and started “singing their faces in the sun”.

It is not the same in cities like Barcelona, ​​Santiago or Valencia, in which several hundred people have concentrated this 8M while respecting health distances.

The Ciudad Condal gathered the largest crowd, more than 3,600 people scattered along Paseo de Gràcia who, on occasion, shortened the distance even further. In Valencia, the already feminist hymn “A rapist on the way” was heard in the many small congregations of less than 200 people spread over various districts of the city and with special memory to all health workers.

This group was also approached by the march in Galicia, led by the message “Without care there is no life”. In Santiago de Compostela, the distance was scrupulous, as in Bilbao, where they tied their hands with chains and knocked down a wall that they themselves built in the name of the patriarchate.

In Andalusia, the government delegation estimated the concentrations reported in the region at nearly fifty. After the act held this morning during which some 200 women members of various feminist groups, and individually, surrounded the Andalusian Parliament “symbolically” to express their demands; this afternoon, the same organization called a rally in the rotunda of Barqueta in which “around 250 people” participated, according to the government sub-delegation in Seville.

Complaints in the networks

In the midst of the pandemic, many have wanted to support the movement safely. Thus, the symbolic actions were repeated throughout Spain.

In Zamora he stood up with its sidewalks full of purple footprints, in Madrid many statues of male figures were covered with images of women and in Valencia the feminist coordinator organized an act that, through social networks, recreates the four waves of feminism, from the Enlightenment to the present. “Less purple ties and more money for care,” asked the Feminist Movement of Pamplona, ​​a city in which several young women chained themselves to the Parliament of Navarre in protest.

La violencia machista, el desigual reparto de los cuidados, la dificultad para conciliar, la precariedad de las trabajadoras y la situación vulnerable de las mujeres migrantes han sido las cuestiones más denunciadas esta jornada, en la que una mayoría de instituciones el ha organizado actos International Women’s Day.

This is the case of Parliament, which wanted to pay tribute to the 27 parliamentarians of the constituent legislature of 1977. Away from the party, on March 8, two women, in Valencia and La Rioja, are hospitalized after being assaulted by your ex . -the partners. “Even on March 8, we have no truce,” lamented Consell vice-president Mónica Oltra.

This March 8, vandalism attacks were also suffered. Ciudad Lineal’s feminist mural first saw the light of International Women’s Day completely vandalized, with black paint scratching the faces of women who have made history. In addition, the attack was supplemented by banners, which could be seen at the foot of the mural, which read “terrorists” and “communists”. An attack that took place just 24 hours after the replica of the Ciudad Lineal fresco in the municipality of Alcalá de Henares was also vandalized.

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