9-month-old child, 4 killed, 15 injured while climbing a pedestrian in Germany

A very shocking incident occurred in Germany on Tuesday when a high-speed car was trampled on foot. He killed 4 people, including a 9 month old baby boy. At the same time, 15 people were injured. The incident is in the city of Trier in West Germany. It is said that the man behind the wheel of the car lost control of his car and entered the pedestrian zone with her. Those present on occasion said that as soon as this incident happened, there was an atmosphere of panic.

Accused arrested, car seized
In this case, police said the car was seized and that a person was also arrested. Shortly after the incident, a 51-year-old German suspect was arrested in the Trier area and is being questioned. According to local police, security forces and emergency services arrived and people were told to take special precautions.

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Police advised people to avoid rumors
After this incident in the Trier area, the police advised people to avoid the rumor. It was said in the case that the accused had been drinking heavily. Officials are not acting on the assumption that there might be a terrorist plot in this incident. The Mayor of Trier, Wolfram Lebe, said it seemed like we were talking about the mental state of the accused, but we should not pass judgment before the hour.

Four dead, many seriously injured in an accident
Rhineland-Palatinate Interior Minister Roger Levantz said four people were killed and four seriously injured. He said the way the driver of the car entered the area, it looked like he had done it for a special purpose. Mayor Liebe said a nine-month-old was also among the dead. Eyewitnesses said that crossing the city center the situation was very scary. This incident in the very old town of Germany shook the people here. The city was founded by Roman around 2000 years ago.

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