9 Pakistani terrorists killed in fierce Afghanistan airstrike, many Taliban also killed – Afghan Air Force airstrike killed 9 Pakistani terrorists in Nimroz province, many Taliban fighters also died

Nine terrorists of Pakistani origin, who are synonymous with terror in Afghanistan, were killed in airstrikes. The Afghan Ministry of Defense claimed terrorists were killed in an airstrike targeting terrorists in Nimroz province on Saturday evening. Of that total, nine are linked to the Pakistanis and five to the Taliban. However, residents claim that 18 civilians were killed in the airstrike.

News of 18 civilians killed
Baz Mohammad Nasir, the head of the provincial council in Ghazni, said all those killed were from the same family. He said the airstrike targeted the village of Munazari in the Khasharod district. Those killed include eight children, seven women and three men. It is said that relatives of the victims reached the capital of Nimrose, Jaranj, with 18 bodies to seek justice.

Afghan Air Force launches investigation
The ANA’s 215th Afghan Air Force Corps said in a statement that a number of militants were killed in an airstrike on Taliban targets in Khasharod district on Saturday evening. On the allegations of the local population, the Air Force said its team was investigating the allegations of casualties of the common people.

Pakistani terrorists are active in Afghanistan
Significantly, a UN report released in July said that around 6,000 to 6,500 Pakistani terrorists are active in neighboring Afghanistan, most of whom are linked to “ Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan ” and the two . Are a threat to At the same time, the US Department of Defense of the Pentagon, in its report on Afghanistan, also described the border area of ​​Afghanistan and Pakistan as a safe haven for terrorist organizations.

Al-Qaeda is also active
According to the UN report, Al Qaeda militants are secretly active in 12 provinces of Afghanistan and its leader Aiman ​​al-Zawahiri is hiding here. The monitoring team estimates that the total number of Al-Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan is between 400 and 600. The monitoring team also estimates that the current ISIL-K members in Afghanistan number 2. 200. Its leader is Sheikh Matiullah Kamahwal, who was once the linchpin of ISIL-K in Kunar.

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