9-year-old saved from bullet by crucifix necklace in Argentina, people say it’s a miracle

Buenos Aires
In Argentina, a Latin American country, a 9-year-old child died and beat his life. In this Christian-dominated country, a 9-year-old boy wore a cross medallion. Then a bullet fired from somewhere hit his cross and fell. The boy did not know then that anyone had shot him. When the family rushed to the hospital, the boy, who was in pain, learned of the whole incident. Now people see it as a miracle.

Lockett saved the boy’s life
This boy’s name is reported as Tijiano. Who was playing outside his home in Las Tallitas, Argentina on the evening of January 31. Only then did a stranger knowingly or unknowingly shoot him from somewhere. However, this bullet could not distinguish the boy’s cross medallion from the boy and saved a major accident.

Found in hospital, a boy was shot dead
Apparently the boy was playing with his sister and cousins ​​the next day on the evening of December 31 in the joy of the start of the new year. He felt a severe pain in his chest while playing. When he showed the piece of bullet to his family, he was rushed to hospital. Doctors said someone shot him, who could not enter the body because of the cross. He deserved to go home after an hour of treatment.

Ball and cross medallion found from the scene
Upon returning home, the family began to investigate near the location. They found a piece of a bullet there and a cross medallion for a child. This silver cross was donated by Tijiano’s father, David. A large hole had formed where the ball was above the cross. The boy’s parents described it as a miracle from God. After which he was taken to church.

Police are investigating
According to local media, on the parents’ information, the police began to investigate the case. It is not yet known who fired the bullet and why. Police said the incident took place around 10 p.m. on December 31, 2020.

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