94.5% of Spaniards believe that their profession will evolve in three years

Without a doubt, the pandemic has brought about digital transformation, making the digitization process a challenge for citizens and organizations. Indeed, according to the “Digital Adaptation 2021” study by IEBS Business School, the leading digital business school for online training, 94.5% of Spanish professionals surveyed believe that their professional performance will change in the next three years. . 42.4% believe they will be completely different from where they are now, while 52.1% believe they will only undergo a few changes.

Although many companies are still in the discovery phase, more and more are joining the process of digital transformation. This is indicated by the IEBS study, conducted among more than 1,500 professionals (60% from Spain and 40% from Latin America). Indeed, 49.9% of respondents in Spain indicated that their company is in the process of digitalization and 38.8% say that it is in a very advanced phase or totally at the forefront.

In comparison, the data differs in some ways between Latin America and Spain, with Spanish companies being more digitally developed than those in Latin America. In Spain, 11.3% of respondents indicated that their company has not started the digital transformation process, compared to 17.7% in Latam. As for organizations that are at the cutting edge of new technologies, in Spain this figure is 6.6%, while in Latin America it is only 3.1%.

But this revolution does not only include a transformation of organizations. 78.4% of Spanish professionals surveyed have needed training to meet the digital demands of their work in recent years, data supported by the World Economic Forum’s Future of Work report, which indicates that 40% of employees need retraining to be up to date. In total, the sectors which required the most training among its members are logistics, marketing and human resources, followed by innovation and technology, entrepreneurship and social media.

“The situation caused by the pandemic has forced companies to take exceptional measures. Digitization is no longer an option, but the only way to survive today, ”explains Scar Fuente, director and founder of IEBS. “But we must not see digital transformation as a threat, but rather as a change for the better. Technology opens up a world full of opportunities and possibilities. The important thing is to know how to take advantage of it, ”he adds.

More empathy and recognition from companies

On the other hand, everything indicates that companies value their employees more and more, since more than half of the Spanish professionals questioned feel or have felt listened to by their company and think that this allows them to more easily bring ideas to the organization. The percentage varies according to the group questioned: while 72.4% of active Spanish workers answered positively, the figure decreases among the unemployed questioned, since only 56% of them believe that they were heard by their company in their last job.

For this reason, the IEBS training offer is designed to guide and promote, both professionals and companies, on their path to digital transformation through programs such as the Executive MBA in Digital Transformation, focused on knowledge and the application in the business world of the latest technologies. .

Finally, and taking into account that the field of human resources has been one of the fields that has evolved the most in recent years, the school celebrates on January 28 Human Tech Day, a free online event to learn from recruiting and selecting leaders how to find, manage and empower talent in digital organizations.

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