96% of companies have had to adapt their policies to create a more secure environment

Cybersecurity, the “ queen ” of telecommuting threats: 96% of companies have had to adapt their policies to create a more secure environment

Six in ten companies had more than half of their workforce telecommute during isolation and 37% plan to continue the trend in the coming months

BY The Entrepreneurship Club, 03:30 – 04 November 2020

Six in ten companies made more than half of their workforce work remotely during lockdown, and 37% plan to maintain the trend in the months to come. The data matches the report on the future of secure remote working, which shows how most organizations around the world have had to accelerate the adoption of technology to be able to work securely and from any location and device.

However, cybersecurity is also an option to consider when talking about remote working, since the report reveals that 61% of companies have experienced an increase in these types of attacks since the start of the pandemic.

This means that 96% of companies have had to adapt their cybersecurity policies to create a more reliable environment.

The importance of cybersecurity

The situation caused a change of mentality in companies. Today, 85% of organizations deem cybersecurity “extremely important or more important than before the pandemic”, while 66% also bet on increased investments in this area.

At the same time, employers are questioning the security of access to work from home. In this sense, it is one of the main outstanding challenges, in particular for 62% of respondents. This is followed by data privacy, with 55% of respondents, and monitoring and enforcement of policies, which is the 50% view.

In fact, one in two businesses believe that protecting endpoints, including business laptops and personal devices, is the number one challenge businesses face.

For Jeetu Patel, senior vice president and general manager of security and applications at Cisco, security and privacy are among the “most important social and economic issues of our time”. He said businesses have a “unique opportunity” to transform their approach to security to better meet the needs of organizations and end users now that many are also working from home.

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