96% of companies recognize that their employees are not one hundred percent prepared for the digital solutions they implement

96% of companies recognize that their employees are not one hundred percent prepared for the digital solutions they implement

“For several years, we have been talking about digital transformation as an unstoppable phenomenon, which no company or sector can avoid if they want to survive not in the future, but in the present. However, despite the evidence for this statement, this process has an outstanding issue that is critical for businesses to address, ”Javier Langa, director of research and development at the Kaizen Institute, said today during his presentation. participation in the Congress of Advanced Factories on Industry 4.0. which takes place from June 8 to 10 in Barcelona. and where the industrial experiences of leading companies that have opted for automation, robotics and 4.0 technologies to improve their productivity are discussed and disseminated.

Javier Langa explained that “96% of companies recognize that their employees are not one hundred percent prepared for the digital solutions they implement and 57% of industrial companies do not make meaningful use of data to facilitate improvement of processes or decision making. or what is the same, companies manage the data, but then their employees do not know how to apply it ”.

The director of the Kaizen Institute underlined that “if we want digital transformation to be a reality, we must build a model for the development of the company’s digital skills”.

In this sense, he said that one of the problems that companies face when approaching digital transformation is that they focus on the technological solution, what is the best software or the best automation in the market, but they do not consider how to develop the digital skills of the people who are going to use these digital tools or solutions and how to manage the monitoring and updating of this evolution over time, so that it is not something specific. “Most companies, when they implement new software, go through a specific training process. But then there is rotation in the teams, people change jobs, the software is updated and the users’ knowledge remains obsolete, ”he said.

To solve this problem, the Kaizen Institute applies a model of tracking the digital skills of the company. It starts with an initial anlisis en el that identifies its los grupos de competencias digitales de la compaa que sus profesionales deberan tener y los que deberan tener en los prximos aos y, en paralelo, se evala sobre esa matriz cmo estn a da de today. In each of the roles, the currently desired knowledge is compared to the actual knowledge, assessing whether the users know the tool theoretically and practically, whether they are experts in the solution, or whether they can train others. These are different levels of assessment. From there, an annual training plan is built in which each person’s situation is analyzed, what is the goal for the year and an annual training plan is drawn up which has a practical approach. The objective is to build this monitoring system to periodically review the level of competence and see the evolution of people, if there is a risk in any position and generate an individualized training plan.

Likewise, from Kaizen, they warn that in addition to this monitoring plan, it is necessary to segment by profiles the skills that you are going to want to have at the user level so that they are experts in the tool and not do not need the support. specialists in IT departments and identify the specific roles you should have at the specialist or key user level, that is, the people who support the rest of the colleagues within their department.

“By applying this method, it is possible to ensure that companies get the most out of the technology solutions they implement and, more importantly, users are able to interpret the data they want. provide to improve processes and, consequently, the effectiveness, efficiency and success of the company ”, concluded Javier Langa.

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