96% of IT professionals consider it essential to link the visibility of the technological environment to the results of the company

96% of IT professionals consider it essential to link the visibility of the technological environment to the results of the company

AppDynamics, part of Cisco and the world’s leading application performance monitoring (APM) platform, released its annual global study Agents of Transformation 2021: The Rise of Full-Stack Observability, which analyzes the impact of accelerated digitization following the pandemic and the repercussions for IT departments.

Los resultados reveal an espectacular aumento de la complejidad de las TI provocado por la necesidad de innovacin, as como la necesidad urgente de mayor visibilidad y contexto de negocio para gestionar el estado de las TI, eliminar ‘ruido’ y priorizar lo ms relevante para la business.

Pressure on IT

The move towards digital business models to minimize the economic impact of the pandemic has placed technologists at the forefront of their organizations’ response. Due to the acceleration of digital transformation projects – the average speed of which has tripled – nine in ten IT professionals (89%) feel under immense pressure at work, and 84% admit to having difficulty disconnect. Many technologists report frustration with the job (81%) and greater disagreements with their peers (63%).


75% of those consulted believe that the pandemic has created the greatest complexity in history for IT services, these are the main factors indicated:

A new set of priorities and challenges (80%). Technological dispersion and patchwork of legacy and cloud technologies (78%). Acceleration towards cloud computing (77%). Several monitoring solutions disconnected (74%).

This increased IT complexity has dramatically increased the amount of data created across the technological environment, from applications to infrastructure, network and security. For example, 85% of IT pros say quickly removing the “noise” to identify the causes of performance issues will be a big challenge this year, and three in four are already thinking about how to fix it. Technologists therefore demand a unified solution that offers real-time visibility of the entire technological park: 95% stress the importance of visibility over the entire IT environment, and 96% believe that having no has no negative consequences.

Speed ​​up digitization

The vast majority of professionals consulted (92%) consider that the ability to link technology performance to business outcomes – such as customer experience, sales, and revenue – is what is truly relevant to achieving business goals. innovation this year. 96% say this real-time link will be essential to deliver optimized digital experiences and accelerate digitization, and 73% fear that the inability to do so will be detrimental.

The report also highlights that while technologists are well aware of the need to contextualize IT performance with real-time business data, more than half (66%) lack the resources and support they need. , and 96% report at least one obstacle. the organization must overcome to adopt this new approach. Three in four respondents stress the need to link the visibility of the technology environment to business results within 12 months to maintain competitiveness.

“Visibility across the entire technology park is the only way to manage the increasing complexity and growth of IT solutions, but it alone is not enough,” said Linda Tong, vice president and CEO of Cisco AppDynamics. “IT professionals recognize that without the business environment, they will be lost in the complexity and noise of data. The AppDynamics Business Observability platform leverages Cisco’s networking, applications, infrastructure and security expertise, combining it with the business context to help technologists better prioritize and get the best impact for the business.

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