A 29-year-old South African student marries an 80-year-old woman: Strangely enough: a 29-year-old student married an 80-year-old man;

It is said that when and who gets true love, it cannot be said. Something similar happened in the city of Cape Town in South Africa, where a 29-year-old student married an 80-year-old man when he was “the true love”. There is a difference of about 51 years in the age of the two. Terjel Rasmus, who became a bride after the wedding, said her husband Wilson Rasmus was a “ very caring ” lover. However, she admitted that she is not playing the role of stepmother for Wilson’s child, who is almost 30 years older than her. Let us know the whole story of this wonderful love and marriage….

Terjel and Wilson sitting next to each other at first sight

Terjel said this love affair started in 2016. Both had hit the schedule of a local newspaper and at first glance, each other appeared. Terjel said her love was ‘awkward and luxurious’ after her boyfriend’s grandchildren. They said the two started dating after falling in love. With this love, where Wilson finds a young wife to look after old age, Terjel gets a wise husband and the experience of a lifetime. Not only that, Terjel’s mother and her late father accepted this relationship. In this marriage, Wilson’s 56-year-old daughter became a witness. Now the couple live together and financially help Wilson Terzel so he can finish his studies.

Terjel reveals his love affair with Wilson

Terjel said Wilson had sneaked into his life. He said, “We met on a newspaper show where I was playing a reporter. I was taking pictures of the program at the time. When I finished I sat down in the evening and started enjoying the dancing going on there. At the same time, Wilson came to the dance floor and asked if I could sit next to you. Wilson saw that I am alone and that the two can support each other. Terjel said this is where his love story began. He said it was my first long-lasting love and that I never seriously thought about a love affair until I met Wilson.

My husband Wilson and I complement each other: Terjel

Terjel said: “Three months after we met, I knew I wanted to marry Wilson. Wilson was already married and it was their first love affair. Wilson’s wife died in 2002 and since then Wilson had not dated a woman. Due to such a difference in age of the two, this couple feels that they are complementary to each other. Terjel says Wilson shares experiences with me which helps me a lot. When my father died, my husband helped me a lot in the last rites. He explained what is the process after death and how to complete it. Not only that, they help me make big decisions in life. They help me with money so that I can study.

Terjel finds it very difficult to marry an elderly person

Terzel said one of the biggest issues he had with Wilson was convincing him of the new technology. At 80, they don’t understand technology quickly. On the other hand, Wilson said that I never thought of a relationship with Terjel. By staying with Terjel I am healthy and happy. He said that marrying a young girl is better than marrying an older woman your age because we can do the same simultaneously. Yes, I like the fact that Terjel will help me in my old age. Unlike other families, this mismatched marriage was well received by other family members. Especially Terjel’s father accepted the relationship between the two.

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