A Bildu MP also received a package from the man who sent Minister Reyes Maroto a knife

Publication: Monday April 26, 2021 11:26 PM

Bildu Congressman Jon Iñarritu shared on his Twitter account that he also received a package from the man who sent a seemingly bloody knife to the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto.

“On March 11, I received an envelope with a gift. Oddly enough, the sender was from El Escorial and is a relative of a far-right MP,” the nationalist MP’s post read.

The text is accompanied by two images: in the first, a brown envelope with the address of the Congress of Deputies and some scribbles on the name of the Basque representative. In the second, the contents of the letter: “He did not send me a knife, but an Agatha Christie film and several written sheets that I could not decipher.”

The postmark indicates that the letter was sent on February 24 of this year, although the package was not opened until a few weeks later. Inside, a DVD of “Mystery in the Caribbean”, one of the adventures of the charismatic Miss Marple, the detective invented by the famous English writer.

Iñarritu did not give more importance to the “gift” until the threatening shipment to the Ministry of Industry was known, in the midst of the election campaign and after learning of the bulletins received by the director of the Civil Guard and United We Can candidate Pablo Iglesias.

The man, suffering from schizophrenia, has already been identified, since he sent the knife in an envelope with his real name and address.

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