A bug in Microsoft Defender was running malware instead of removing it

For a long time, we have recommended that you use Microsoft Defender as your Windows 10 antivirus. The reality is that it works great. Even so, we also taught you how to turn it off in case you want other options. But this time we have to criticize Microsoft Defender for its last known bug.

Microsoft fixed a flaw in Windows security that was being actively exploited, and for good reason. Microsoft’s antivirus did the opposite of what it should by opening the malware instead of destroying it. We will see what this problem consists of, which, fortunately, has already been solved.

Microsoft Defender opened the malware instead of removing it

Microsoft Defender Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2021-1647) would see Windows Defender become the attacker. This triggered malware to run during scan, rather than quarantining and deleting it.

Simplifying, let’s see what Defender has done. If we It means that a file can be sent by e-mail or by USB stick. It was then downloaded and scanned by Microsoft Defender, but after this action it opened the malware.

This problem in Microsoft’s antivirus was corrected on Tuesday, January 12. On the same day, around 80 related issues were fixed. So as always, we recommend that you update Defender if you are using it.

To check if you are protected, you can check the version number of the scan engine in the Windows security application. Find Windows Security in the Start menu, open the app, and go to Settings and About. Versions 1.1.17700.4 and later are not vulnerable to exploitation. Although this is a great security system, it is not without errors and it can continue to happen. We hope he doesn’t have such surprising failures, yes.

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