“A campaign doesn’t change because of a bureaucratic problem”

The president of the Community of Madrid and candidate of the Popular Party for the next elections on May 4, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, assures that the permanence or not of Cantó on the electoral lists will not be influential in the campaign.

In this sense, the leader stresses that they have taken the judicial decision to the Constitutional Court, considering that an “individual right” is violated, but this affects the fact that the plan continues: “Due to a bureaucratic problem, a campaign will not The citizens will understand that there is a disparity of the criteria. In 48 hours, they will tell us what to do “, he assured this Monday in an interview on EsRadio.

Thus, Ayuso recalls that, if Cantó’s expulsion from the lists is confirmed in the next 4M, he has other options in mind: “I already have alternatives. But Cantó must count on me, and me on him. He’s a person who surprised me, for the better, ”he concludes.

Decision times: 3 key days of the PP campaign

Madrid’s number 5 administrative court ruled on Sunday that both Toni Cantó and Agustín Conde “would be excluded” from Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s list. According to the court order, both candidates are “ineligible” to be part of the People’s Party list. And it is a “firm” condemnation, however, that the popular have already decided to appeal to the Constitutional Court.

For its part, the electoral law establishes that the fact of not being registered in the electoral census “on the first day of the second month preceding” the call for elections constitutes a reason for ineligibility, as happened with these two men. policies, because the census was closed. on January 1, 2021. Cantó was recorded in Madrid on March 22, while Conde on March 26. According to the ruling, since they are not voters (because they are not in the census), they are not eligible for those positions either.

In this sense, the People’s Party defends that both LOREG and the Madrid electoral law include the mechanism to correct the fact of not being on the electoral list. Specifically, they speak of Article 4.2 of the Electoral Law of Madrid, which reads: “Notwithstanding the provisions of the first paragraph of the previous article, those who aspire to be proclaimed candidates and are not included in the current lists of the electoral census, referring to the territory of the Community of Madrid, they can be, provided that, with the request, they certify, in a reliable way, that they meet all the required conditions ”.

Thus, from the executive branch of Ayuso, they argue that there are precedents and that the case law is restrictive when it comes to limiting a fundamental right such as passive suffrage (standing as a candidate) and that it is not comparable to active suffrage, which could motivate possible electoral fraud. From the moment the PP has registered the appeal with the TC, he has 3 days to pronounce a conviction. In the first two, the PP and the PSOE will participate, who will have to appear to explain their arguments, while on the last day, the Office of the Prosecutor will also participate.

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