a cheaper alternative to the Xbox Elite controller

We have been testing the Razer Wolverine V2 controller for a long time and this is a good sign. Xbox controllers are very good and have incredible ergonomics, but the job Razer has done with this Wolverine V2 is even better.

The Evolution of the Wolverine Family: A Step Towards Simplification

If we look at the predecessors of this Razer Wolverine, we see how a simplification has been sought with this model. First of all, the chroma lighting has been removed. We also see how the number of buttons has been significantly reduced. Perhaps we would have preferred to see the buttons on the back of the controller or have more customization options by changing the sticks or crosshead.

The main problem with this device is that the cable is still connected. In the world of wireless connections, this can be a problem for many gamers who no longer want to hear about cables.

Razer Wolverine V2: an almost hypnotic response

We started off by talking about ergonomics, and this controller is clearly inspired by the much-loved form factor of the Xbox controller. A great detail from Razer has been adding textured rubber in all areas where our hands can be in direct contact with the controller. The icing on the cake is put by the green finish at the end of these rubbery areas which you can see in the attached images.

The Xbox Series X Controller Response | The original S is very good, but the mechanical response of the Razer controller makes every click noticeable and every press unique. It is very rewarding to play games and each press reminds us of the quality of the device we use.

Razer Wolverine V2 Includes New Xbox Series S Share Button | X but unfortunately it continues with the old Xbox One cross. This is perhaps the only downside we could put to this controller with the mandatory use with the cable.

the mechanical response of the Razer controller makes every click noticeable, every press unique.

On the other hand, the Razer Wolverine V2 includes triggers that we can customize during the tour using its two rear switches. This is an additional differential that incorporates this control and which will be very important for some users who want to take precision to the highest level.

Conclusion: an asset (if you don’t mind playing with the cable)

We have tested this controller in several games such as Jedi Fallen Order, The Medium, Doom and Doom Eternal, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirh + and many more. Its response is amazing, you never get tired of using it and your hands hardly suffer after long gaming sessions.

Razer created an incredible controller that could rival the Xbox Elite controller but at a much lower price. It is intended for those who want minimum latency and maximum control. Its simplification over the previous model is a response to an Xbox gamer profile that doesn’t require six additional buttons and take advantage of Razer’s Chroma lighting.

Being the first controller we tested from Razer, it feels like you’re in front of full control and adaptability that comes through every time we use it. The most demanding users will not be able to go back to a “standard” controller after trying an alternative the size of the Razer Wolverine 2 and this is definitive proof of the excellent work Razer has done.

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