A concept of what Andromeda could have been is shown

We started this year with more leaks than ever. We had the opportunity to see a version of Polaris, which did not learn anything, and now we have to talk about Andromeda, another of the origins of Windows 10X. In this case, it’s a concept or sample of what might have been according to an albacore leak.

Andromeda or the evolution that Windows 10 Mobile would have had

Microsoft had a lot of plans for Windows 10 Mobile, but in the end it came to a sad end. However, now we are starting to learn more details about the work Microsoft is doing. And it only makes us dream more and dream of what it could have been.

Microsoft’s WCOS experiences have gone through so many stages and we’ve only seen a few.
I thought I would dust off this cute concept of Andromeda shell a few years ago.
Under the Start menu with unique icons, you can see the log app running as an interactive background.

– Albacore (@thebookisclosed) January 3, 2021

In this image, we were able to see how the start menu was opened with transparency that allowed us to see a log app below. Live Tiles allowed us to see the playing time of a song and more information. In addition, the start menu was similar to the current one, but with some differences.

Of course, Microsoft has hundreds of different concepts, but the idea was eventually scrapped. Currently, Microsoft does not have a smartphone operating system and relies on Android for its Surface Duo. A sad situation that brings back the nostalgia of this past time.

We will see if the commitment to Windows 10X and working with Windows 10 ARM gradually regain its fame from the past. For now, we’ll have to be content with the image we showed you. A great concept that has never gone beyond the sketch in question.

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