a criterion that makes a difference in performance evaluation

Performance appraisal is one of the most important tasks for HR departments. H H. and it is not for less. This procedure is essential to keep the productivity of the workforce at a high level, but it is not always the right key to achieving such a desirable goal. OKR software integrated into an assessment tool offers a methodology that is much more suited to the real needs of the business.

What are OKRs?

The OKRs (Objective Key Results or Objectives and Key Results) constitute an evaluation system based on the establishment of a series of common objectives and their corresponding main results. The central idea is to set general objectives for the whole company and to measure the results obtained by each employee according to the expected results.

In this sense, OKRs should not be confused with KPIs, i.e. key performance indicators. In the first case, the focus is on the state of the process of achieving the planned objectives, while in the second, different quality standards are taken as a benchmark regarding the work of the employees. The two criteria can however be perfectly combined.

How to integrate OKRs into performance assessment software?

The implementation of an OKR system as part of a larger performance management strategy raises doubts among companies, especially those who advocated a more conventional assessment model. The reality is that, thanks to the latest digital tools, the application of a performance evaluation system with OKRs should not cause disruption in the company.

The use of OKRs implies a paradigm shift of evaluation which also affects the direction of the working groups, as all activity will be oriented towards the achievement of a set of common objectives. This model aligns the entire company in the same direction and provides workers with clear information about what is expected of them and where they are in the process.

Objective Key results have also been shown to be effective in monitoring job performance in a telecommuting environment. The use of OKR software makes it possible to define medium and long-term objectives, which acts as a motivator for employees who work remotely. An advantage that can also be used in the context of face-to-face work.

OKR in Bizneo HR performance evaluation software

Bizneo HR performance assessment software includes OKRs as one of the criteria companies can use to measure the performance of their employees. The OKR software for personnel appraisal is supported by the success of pioneering companies in using this type of methodologies, Google being the most important case, although more and more companies of different sizes are taking advantage of its possibilities.

From the combination of evaluation software with OKRs, very interesting functionalities are extracted with regard to the management of RRs. H H. From the start, an absolute adaptation of the evaluation criteria to the operational needs of the companies is carried out. For example, this system makes it possible to give visibility to all the stakeholders or parties involved.

At the same time, the specified goals can be updated through the API, an option that promotes integration with other platforms such as Salesforce, for example. This integration does not of course exclude the possibility of unifying other systems thanks to the open nature of the software.

Another task that is made easier with OKR software is the monitoring of work teams. There is no reason to wait until the current tasks are completed to proceed to their evaluation, because the essence of the objectives and key results lies precisely in the projection of the results of the work that has been done to date. This allows, among other advantages, to develop an interesting feedback which translates into an immediate improvement of the processes.

OKRs are also closely linked to training. And, when establishing potentialities, the focus is on the skills and abilities of the employee, as well as their ability to improve in some or all of them. The results obtained during the evaluation make it possible to specify training programs, define career paths and, if necessary, carry out internal promotion.

Remember, performance review software with OKR offers the ability to have conversations with employees and create much more meaningful feedback. In the end, there is little point in carrying out a thorough evaluation if the results are not subsequently converted into concrete indications for improving the performance of each worker.

New features of Bizneo HR’s OKR software

Performance appraisal software has become one of the most popular tools in the Bizneo HR suite and precisely for this reason it is subject to a constant process of updating and improvement. Therefore, the program has integrated new features that meet the most specific demands of companies of all sizes.

One of the most important updates is the Global Assessment Report, which shows the extent to which planned targets have been exceeded (a particularly relevant aspect when working with OKRs). In the same row, the weighting of the nested objectives is recorded, that is to say the specification of the weight of each result in the process of achieving the general objectives, or the display of the GAP of each Skill.

This last aspect makes it possible to analyze the difference between the results of the employee and those that one would expect from his job. This is complemented by another interesting feature such as the nesting of goals shared by teams with their own individual goals (and in these to clarify even more). The result is a much more complete and always up-to-date organizational tree.

All the above is supplemented by the new possibility of making comparative reports of evaluations. This function is used both to compare the results of the evaluation of an employee with those of the average of the company or of the work team, as well as to compare them with those obtained previously by the same worker. And it is that, in terms of valuations, comparisons are vital for business decisions.

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