A Cs MP from Castilla y León leaves her parliamentary group and leaves the motion of censure in the air

Publication: Friday March 19, 2021 11:31 PM

The lawyer of the citizens of the Cortes de Castille and León María Montero announced on Friday that she was leaving her parliamentary group because of the “lack of leadership” within it and of “regeneration” in the autonomous government, to go to the mixed group .

A decision that comes barely three days before the Castilian-Leonese Parliament debates the motion of censure raised by the PSOE against the executive of the popular Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, who governs in coalition with the Orange formation.

With the departure of Montero, the PP and the Cs have lost the absolute majority in the Cortes, which leaves the motion in the air, which will be debated next Monday and which needs at least 41 supports to move forward, of which she has already ensured 37.

Although he did not disclose whether he would support the motion or abstain, Montero said in a statement that his decision was “the result of careful consideration” and “an exercise in honesty “with his constituents. For his part, Cs asked him to issue his deed of attorney.

With the parliamentarian from Salamanca as an unregistered lawyer, the continuity of the government of Fernández Mañueco – with Francisco Igea, de Cs, as vice-president – depends on the fact that beyond the “ yes ” of the PSOE (35) and Podemos (2), some of the four remaining MPs – UPL, Por Ávila, Vox or Montero herself – did not vote in favor of the no-confidence motion.

In this sense, the representative of Vox in the Parliament of Castilla y León, Fátima Pinacho, announced on Friday that she would not support the motion of censure and demanded the advancement of the regional elections, which could open a way of negotiation. with the PSOE, while the representatives of the UPL and Por Ávila were open to listening to the socialist proposal, without deciding their vote.

In any case, if the motion of censure does not succeed, Montero’s decision opens a new stage in the regional executive, after losing the absolute majority exercised by the 29 lawyers of the PP as well as the 12 that the Orange party previously possessed. ‘now.

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