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the essentials While many bars in Denmark are reopening with the relaxation of health regulations, a journalist from a Danish radio station has decided to report in a rather unusual place: a swingers club. And for the needs of her subject, she did not hesitate to register … in full exuberance.

It is a report in total immersion. In Denmark, a journalist decided to cover the reopening of swinger clubs in an unusual way. For the needs of her subject … she took on in full exuberance.

Radio 4 listeners were able to see the journalist playing the love game live on Monday, May 24th at 8:40 a.m. The broadcast of the report was nevertheless preceded by a warning from the moderator, stating that the station would broadcast noises recorded during sexual intercourse, reports Midi Libre.

For the journalist it was a first in a club in a libertine club. In the report, therefore, the rules of the place, the “Schwingland”, are explained to her first. She then asked those present in full swing about their reaction to the reopening of the place. Then she decides to take the plunge herself and asks her partner: “Can you describe what you are seeing?”

A prohibited editorial choice

A selection of reports defended by the radio channel. “I think it’s good when our reporters try to experience journalism differently,” Radio 4 program manager Tina Kragelund told AFP. “We can always do what is expected of the audience, but we can also surprise them and give them new perspectives and do it in a new way,” she said in the columns of the daily Jyllands-Posten.

For the journalist, immersing herself in a swinger club allows a taboo: “My own participation gives an insight into a world of which we rarely have a complete overview,” she judges.

While Denmark decided to relax its health restrictions, swingers and libertines clubs were able to reopen their doors a few days ago after closing for months.

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