A detainee after police charges in Madrid after protest against Samuel’s murder

A young man was arrested last night after the protest in Madrid for rejecting the allegedly homophobic murder of Samuel in La Coruña over the weekend. The arrest came after police charges in which bottles were thrown at officers and street furniture was damaged, as reported by the government delegation.

According to government sources, the young man, born in 1996, was arrested near the Argüelles metro station at the stroke of midnight and transferred to the premises of the Provincial Information Brigade in Moratalaz.

The government delegation, in a statement, deplored in a statement the “incidents which have nothing to do with the healthy cry of Madrid against homophobia” and underlines that the police “had detected the presence of several ideological groups radical left “. “, for which there were seven identifications.

As detailed, after the call at 8:00 p.m. at the Puerta del Sol, an hour later, about 1,000 people went to the Plaza de Callao and San Bernardo, at the height of the Ministry of Justice, where there was two sit-ins that the agents they tried to solve “since they did not have the authorization to carry out this march which resulted in traffic cuts”.

“They continued to ignore the warnings and about 70 of them started throwing objects at the Police, in addition to encouraging them to pass the police line”, details the Delegation. Subsequently, with the Argüelles metro, there were more launches against officers by young people who attempted to erect barricades, which led to the aforementioned police charges.

“During the incidents, the Police arrested a young man for public disorder, in addition to identifying seven others. The most hostile people, those who had maintained a more provocative attitude, left the premises, leaving a group, which carried out a sit-in in the neighborhood of Corte Inglés, without any incident occurring ”, underlines- he does.

Precisely, these accusations are the ones that have been very critical by some political leaders like Iñigo Errejón, of Más País, who has already argued that he would ask the government for explanations.

For its part, the Delegation ensures that “it will analyze the images and study the police action carried out”, so that in the event of any “disproportionality”, “appropriate measures” are taken.

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