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News bon plan dreams on PS4: a dream action! Posted on 05/26/2021 at 11:10 AM Dreams, the exclusive PlayStation that gives you the dream keys to your imagination, is currently available at Micromania! With a first class discount, you can get it at a greatly reduced price! We are sometimes frustrated with a picture, an idea that we gently stroke while we wait to be able to realize it. For some, this creative process in which ideas flourish and adorn all their imaginations leads to diverse and varied artistic achievements. Writing, painting, sculpture, drawing, animation, poetry, theater, we can all quote them. But too often we forget the latest in the arts that now has its place in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, it is the video game! And it has to be said that this art is not necessarily as accessible as others. A little technical background may be required to outline the first features, the outline of a frame, a rebound, an act in a process of creation that follows the lines of your thoughts and impulses in a sublimation creative. Now the game has Dreams on PlayStation 4. The latter gives you the keys to finally make a game the way you want it. The game is divided into several parts and teaches you step by step how to achieve what your imagination dictates. This gives you plenty of time to explore the game, discover other people’s creations, and express your ideas! All of this makes Dreams something that goes beyond simple play. It’s a real stepping stone for your creativity, opening the doors to people you haven’t already suspected! You can also discuss your discoveries and achievements and share them with the community.

Where can I buy the Dreams game?

Dreams is currently available at Micromania and offers a -67% discount which drops the price below € 10! A wonderful opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Find dreams on PS4 for € 9.99 instead of € 29.99 on Amazon

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Dreams on PS4 is a sandbox style game in which the player controls a “leprechaun”. The latter allows you to interact with the surrounding world and create new objects and characters. You can also take possession of the other characters to play them. Carnbee’s Opinion 18/20 With Dreams, creativity reaches amazing heights. No, the all-rounder won’t be able to create his indie nugget without doing hours of research and production, but the program’s ingrained philosophy can only be commended. Media Molecule offers the ultimate game even if it requires a personal investment that is beyond comprehension. It is just unfortunate that research into other authors’ projects is regularly blocked: we would not have been against a truly virtuous circle between the creators. With Sony’s promise of several years of support and the upcoming VR support, Dreams has all the keys to make a lasting impression on motivated artists. What to stay in a cloud. To learn more about this game, you can consult the full review that was conducted on it. By Matt_Clank, journalist MP

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