A drone seen over the Indian Embassy in Islamabad, India: A drone seen flying over the Indian Embassy in Islamabad

A drone was seen flying over the Indian Embassy in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. After which India lodged a strong protest raising the issue with the Pakistani authorities. The drone was seen hovering over the residence of Indian Embassy officials. This is the first time that a drone has been seen inside an Indian mission in Pakistan.

A drone was seen over the embassy on June 26
According to the report, this incident is from June 26. There was an event inside the Indian mission at the time of the drone sighting. As of yet, there is no official confirmation of where this drone came from and whether it posed a threat to the security of the Indian Embassy.

Get the date of the Jammu airport incident
Incidentally, on the same date, explosives were dropped from drones at the Indian Air Force base in Jammu. On June 27, the Indian Air Force had informed of the explosion. The possibility that Pakistani terrorists were involved in this attack was also raised. Investigations revealed that military grade explosives were used in the attack on Jammu airport.

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