A + FAMILIES and CARREFOUR help more families

Since the start of the pandemic, the A + FAMILIAS association has been able to help thousands of families in the Community of Madrid. Thanks to Carrefour, more than € 300,000 have been channeled so that the most vulnerable can benefit from basic necessities, hygiene and diapers in the face of the social crisis resulting from the pandemic

BY RRHH Digital, 03:32 – 08 January 2021

A + FAMILIES was born from the citizen response to the emergency situation that arose due to the confinement generated by COVID19 in March 2020. Several Crowfunding campaigns thanks to Ihelp, have supported more than 1000 families since March 2020, with the help of of more than 150 volunteers.

Carrefour was used to channel this aid so that thousands of families could do weekly shopping during this whole situation. A + FAMILIESapost to be the “lung” of the entities that have worked with vulnerable families to alleviate the economic, social and emotional situation generated after the pandemic.

Since September 2020, and after contact with the many entities with which we network: Critas, Social Services, I have a Home, Mother Network, ICEAS, Rescate, NUPA, ALTIUS Foundation, etc. the need to continue helping vulnerable families affected by this social and economic crisis was recognized.

The differential element of A + FAMILIES is the emotional support we provide to families during the program: a team of volunteers with experience in the sector (psychologists, social workers, educators, integrators, etc.) support families in order to to carry out follow-up and provide a backup space. Subsequently, the said team of volunteers holds weekly meetings to respond to certain needs or situations which are then communicated to the reference entity.

Over the next few months, A + FAMILIES ‘goal is to continue to help hundreds of families from benchmark entities, through Carrefour and its establishments which provide these families with the means to access these products.

This initiative complements other actions developed by the distribution company over the past year as part of its CSR actions. Thanks to its 50 volunteers and clients, the company has promoted crowdfunding projects to deliver tablets to elderly people hospitalized at Gmez Ulla Hospital in Madrid and board games in residences across Spain. In addition, he launched, in collaboration with the Argentine Embassy, ​​a campaign of cooperation for Argentine citizens residing in Spain and asking for help due to the current situation to receive Carrefour cards for the purchase of food.

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