A fat that slims

# SomosFuturo is a project to inspire young people and make them protagonists of the future. We want to boost your talent and awaken your passion for scientific knowledge. They are the engine to conquer tomorrow.

This web series is an exciting journey in 32 video-stages starring great popularizers of science in Spain . In this episode, the thirteenth in the series, biologist Ricardo Moure, an expert in the physiology of adipose tissue, analyzes the role that brown fat plays and indicates why it could be a solution to an increasingly widespread global evil. If white fat, the one we all know, serves as a storehouse of energy for worse times, brown fat works the other way around: it burns the former to produce heat and keep the body warm. In 2030, if habits do not change, 60% of women and 80% of men will be overweight or obese in Spain. Brown fat, then, could become an ally against a major health problem. How does it work? Would cold enough to unleash its power and burn up to 400 grams per month, the equivalent of a class of spinning every three days? Why, if it is active while we are babies, does its action disappear later? Discover this and much more in the video.

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