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Sometimes life turns upside down without us really understanding the reasons … And sometimes the magic of social networks makes the future brighter! But sometimes a person’s situation makes them want to act for others after their life improves! This is the case of a certain Pierrot, a former homeless man who found an apartment thanks to social networks. Today he fights for others and last January launched a solidarity website: Pierrot & Bianka.

Pierrot and his dog Bianka were homeless for three long years. On the street, people not only have no roofs, but are tempted by all sorts of dangerous products: alcohol, narcotics … the street is not easy.

According to an article published in Le Monde newspaper in December 2020, France has more than 300,000 homeless! “The number of homeless people (SDF) in France is currently around” 300,000 “, says Christophe Robert, General Delegate of the Abbé Pierre Foundation (FAP).” It’s scary! This number must be an electric shock. ”

A website to help the homeless

Social networks have this power to sometimes find solutions where there don’t seem to be any more! Pierrot is one of those who, thanks to the solidarity of social networks, has been able to find a normal life. While finding an apartment thanks to the networks, he decides to act by creating his website. The principle is very simple because it allows homeless people to get in touch with host families anywhere in France. “For the homeless, the most important thing is that they want to get out. I have to hear their voices, ”says Pierrot.

How it works ?

Pierrot opens his website so that the homeless have an open ear first. With his past he knows that people can become addicted on the street, so he talks to them about it without taboos!

A website to connect individuals and the homeless. Photo credits: Association “Vom Gras zur Pfote by Pierrot & Biancka” / Pierrot

If the homeless person suffers from alcohol or drug addiction, Pierrot directs him to a detox in order to find a foster family for him. It is out of the question for him to entrust a foster family, a man or woman with addiction. For host families, Pierrot gets to know their rules of life, but also their requirements. A moral contract then seals the pact between the homeless person and the host family.

Promising beginnings

“Pierrot & Bianka” has already registered around thirty host families on its website. Some homeless people are registered, but Pierrot has to make his side known to them … And associations! Sometimes a homeless person can only be connected to social networks through an association or a person who comes to his aid.

And Pierrot still has a lot of projects in mind!

A solidarity shop selling local groceries, CBD, medicinal plants and products for animals! Secure lockers for the homeless so they can stash their belongings from thieves! secure lockers on the street for the homeless to keep some belongings.

Sometimes life is not easy, but some people try to use their own experiences to help others … This is the case with Pierrot and it is an initiative that deserves attention!

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