A French judge charged with investigating the sale of Rafale fighter jets to India against the modi government

A French judge has ordered an investigation into the disputed multibillion-dollar Rafale fighter jet deal with India in 2016. The country’s national financial prosecutor released the information on Friday. Under this roughly $ 9.3 billion deal, 36 fighter jets are to be donated to India. The agreement was signed between the Indian government and French aircraft manufacturer Dassault and has long been accused of corruption.

Previously, national financial prosecutors had refused to investigate the Rafale deal. After that, the French investigation site Mediapart brought serious allegations against him. He said the French investigative agency wanted to remove lingering doubts about the Rafale deal. Earlier in April, Mediapart claimed that the people who helped with the Rafale deal were “brokers hiding out rupee crores.”

The company run by Anil Ambani Reliance is in the midst of controversy
Mediapart said “some … of this brokerage was given as a bribe” to Indian authorities. Dassault refuted these claims and claimed there was nothing wrong with the Rafale deal. In India, too, the Central Modi government has always denied any form of corruption in this agreement. Following these reports, the French NGO Sherpa lodged an official complaint for corruption.

After that, the French judge has now ordered an investigation into the Rafale deal. The Reliance company run by Anil Ambani is in the midst of controversy throughout this deal. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has raised many serious questions about this deal with Reliance on several occasions. Even during Lok Sabha’s elections, Rahul raised the issue of corruption in the Rafale deal. After the order of the French court, once again the genius of the Rafale came out.

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