“A gang of criminals and thugs”

Publication: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 1:47 PM

José Bono, former president of Castilla-La Mancha and of the Congress of Deputies, reminded Al Rojo Vivo of the anguish he experienced during this fateful 23F, which is now 40 years old. The fourth secretary of the lower house at the time said that, unlike other people, “at no time” did he doubt that “it was a coup”.

In his memory from that day, Bono defined how the rebel military behaved and accused them: “It was a bunch of coup plotters, criminals and thugs, who produced the feeling of sadness. they gave us back in this game the goose. to the first box, ”he said.

In this sense, Bono especially highlights the figure of Tejero, head of the coup, who, he admits, has come to sow fear among deputies on more than one occasion. More precisely, he remembers a failure of the lights in the hemicycle which, if the room was plunged into darkness, could have caused real problems: “We went to Tejero and told him that the light could fall. Out of order. And he, without answering us, spoke out loud and said, “The watchmen, if the power goes out, open fire at the slightest touch.” A real upheaval. The one who would have armed himself if the power was cut, “sighs the former president.

Regarding this insurgent aggression, Bono claims he ordered a chair to be ‘eviscerated’: “He said, ‘If the power goes out, set that chair on fire.’ We would have burned, in a place where wood and flammable materials abound. ”, always indicates with some disbelief.

This is how Bono learned that the coup had been a failure

During his conversation with Al Rojo Vivo, the former president also detailed how he had discovered that outside the hemicycle, the coup d’etat had been left in the borage water. It all happened, he said, through a guard, who was sitting in the hallway that connected to the Congress bathroom: “When I passed him, he did me a favor. : he closed the newspaper so that I could see the title, in the He said: “El País, with the Constitution.” There I said: they failed. If El País published it, it means that there is freedom outside, ”he says.

In this way, Bono insists, the suspicions that many MPs already had, that they were sticking to the transistors as if they were dealing with water in the desert were confirmed: “We assume they were wrong. good, ”he recalls. Even so, there was also a lot of doubt, especially regarding the information circulating in the room that Bono believed was moving like the “broken phone.”

It is here that some of the greatest doubts flourish, around the figure of King Juan Carlos: “When we came to the table where the king had spoken, President Labelino asked us:” Did you speak for or against ? “Because we didn’t know the position,” he concludes.

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