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Today almost all of us know what a tiny house is and what images it returns! We imagine the tiny house made of wood, in a green setting. And we imagine living there independently with children, animals and greenery … With the various restrictions, tiny houses are becoming more and more important for urban residents in need of nature.

Delivered as a kit, ready for installation and therefore inhabited, they have become a new residential model that is quick to assemble and inexpensive. You just have to agree to live in a small space (approx. 20 m²) and make concessions. After the IKEA Tiny House, let’s discover the Handcrafted Movement model, a comfortable and beautiful little island!

This project is called Pacific Harbor and it seems to want to close the gap between homes and budgets. In other words, it is possible to have a nice house without having a budget of several thousand euros. Rising real estate prices around the world mean that more and more buyers are turning to this type of living.

Pacific Harbor in detail

This tiny house comes on a 30ft x 8.5ft Iron Eagle Triple Axle Trailer. Because the hallmark of a tiny house is that it can travel with its house like a snail with its housing! The Pacific Harbor makes you want to travel! It’s compact, practical and elegant. The interiors appear airy and leave enough space despite the tightness.

All modern conveniences. Image Credit: Handcrafted Movement

On the ground floor there is a convertible area that can be used as a bedroom, office or relaxation room. Upstairs, a mezzanine provides the convenience of a reasonably sized bedroom for this type of accommodation. In the kitchen, all appliances are made of stainless steel, which gives this tiny house a very nice industrial side.

Let’s not forget about modern comfort!

On the heating side, it has a MiniSplit system that enables heating and air conditioning. Finally, the Board & Batte cladding chosen in dark color gives this small house an industrial style. Black-framed windows, cedar wood, it kind of denotes the tiny houses we’re used to seeing. Light tones are usually preferred, which gives it an original style. Lots of natural light can enter the small house thanks to the large windows that surround it. A style different from the others, but a crazy charm for Pacific Harbor, isn’t it?

A modern and classic design at the same time. Image Credit: Handcrafted Movement

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