A hundred executives join Atlas Tecnolgico, the first platform for digitizing collaboration in Industry 4.0

A hundred executives join Atlas Tecnolgico, the first platform for digitizing collaboration in Industry 4.0

The Technological Atlas presented the Top 100 Executive Collaborators of the first platform that digitizes collaboration in Industry 4.0 in Spain. The founding partner of FOM Insights, promoter of Atlas, Pablo Oliete, explained during the presentation of the last edition of Advanced Factories, the 4.0 ecosystem fair held in Barcelona, ​​that it is This is a selection of C-Level executives from the stock of 250 experts who are part of the ecosystem and who have already engaged their participation in the initiative. This Top100 announces that all strategic areas of any business, from purchasing to logistics, from plant operations to marketing, whatever the sector, have an active professional with whom to connect to the Technological Atlas.

To assess the value they can bring to the Spanish 4.0 ecosystem, around a third of the top 100 collaborators are founders and CEOs of the companies they belong to, many of whom are technology leaders in their respective industries and suppliers to global customers. . A significant percentage of this small group of experts hold positions of responsibility in multinational companies established in Spain and the presence of managers of technology centers, experienced in business advice and patent applications, also stands out.

Among the executives who have confirmed their willingness to participate are personalities such as Esther Borao, CEO of Itainnova and promoter of innovations rewarded by entities such as NASA, Santander or the European Youth Award; Juan Ramn Astorga, with four decades of experience at Airbus, where he is today a senior expert in assembly automation and advanced tools, as well as senior business & RDI consultant at Tecnalia; Luis Ignacio de Vicente, former director of the Telefnica patent office and currently CIO of ASTI Mobile Robotics and director of PONS IP; Mario Tascn, CEO of Prodigioso Volcn and member of the advisory board of Fundu BBVA; Rebecca Crowe, CEO of Sigfox Espaa; Telmo Prez, Chief Innovation Officer of Acciona; Alex Bryszkowski, founder of Vozelia and current CEO of Redexia; o Ezequiel Navarro, CEO of Premo Group, whose technology, with 135 issued patents, is present in the keys of all car manufacturers, including Tesla and Chinese BYD, and whose California subsidiary was already working with Google, Facebook or Amazon.

As Pablo Oliete explained in his presentation in Advanced Factories, the activity of the Top 100 Collaborating Executives is one of the great added values ​​of Atlas Tecnolgico, because once the demands of companies wishing to start a transformation project digital via the platform, they are selected to help define the issues and partners, in contact with the entire FOM team. This is precisely how the Atlas Core collaboration digitization tool works, the first to make the leap to Industry 4.0 in one click.

The catalyst that accelerates the connection of all members of the ecosystem are precisely the more than 250 experts present at Atlas Tecnolgico, who cover all sectors and provide “the confidence of having executed successful projects and with this approval, they say how to approach things “, according to Pablo Oliete. Because the key is not only to have the technology, but that it is able to adapt to the needs of each business niche, of each sector.

The way of articulating the relationship with all these agents responds to the different needs of each of them. Therefore, Atlas Tecnolgico offers four types of projects: Rumbo, Sherpa, Seor Lobo and Alfa, in increasing order of complexity of the service. In addition, members of the ecosystem receive updated information on the web and via the Newsletter.

The strengths with which the Technological Atlas project starts, as described by Pablo Oliete, are: more than 1,000 registered industrial and technological companies, of which 300 already regularly use the platform; more than 20 innovative projects in progress; around 500 providers of different types of geolocated technologies to facilitate access; more than 250 professional collaborators, mostly C-level managers, firmly committed to collaborating on projects; and more than 200 companies being added each month.

There is an urgent need to have tools enabling businesses in the 4.0 economy to connect to take advantage of the potential of digitization and technology transfer. This is the role of the Technological Atlas, which was created to support companies in the 4.0 transformation, by recommending, to those who want to embark on this path, the best partners with whom to move forward in modernization. To achieve this, it is structured as an information center “Clear, with understandable answers to complex problems; Detailed, with access to all possible information to achieve the best solution; and Up-to-date, in a constantly changing ecosystem, ”says Pablo Oliete.

The Atlas model

The great contribution of Atlas Core is to digitize the collaborative project resolution methodology of Atlas Tecnolgico. This working model starts from a need, for example, how to produce more, with better quality, faster and at lower cost. It is analyzed in depth and a challenge is posed, regarding the technological solution to integrate and the number of types of technologies available in the market that can help. Then, a Complete Strategic Approach is formulated and the Technology Atlas Collaborator Challenge Launch is carried out, one of the factors that makes the platform’s offering different.

This will serve to choose the most appropriate technological solution and give rise to the proposal of suppliers, identifying the companies that can provide this service in Spain, their experience and the best value for money. After choosing the suppliers, the availability of resources and the feasibility of implementing the technology are discussed to design the final strategy. The project begins to move forward once the negotiations with the suppliers are completed, with the commitment of Atlas Tecnolgico to support and supervise the resolution of the problems until their full implementation.

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