A hundred infections in a municipality of Malaga after the opening of a bar at Christmas without security measures

Posted: Saturday January 2, 2021 6:13 PM

An epidemic in a bar in the municipality of Teba in Malaga, which reopened on December 24, 25 and 26, caused around 100 coronavirus infections. And it is that inside the premises, as you can see on the video, people did not keep a safe distance, nor did they wear masks.

This irresponsible behavior has already had consequences, as Cristóbal Corral, mayor of Teba said: “We have more than a hundred families in confinement and a lot of people who are going to have a hard time”. In an attempt to control this focus, the city council appealed to the responsibility of stopping possible new infections among neighbors and decided to limit services that might be unnecessary.

The mayor is already talking about the third wave in a town which had already been severely punished in March and which had managed not to record infections in recent months. In the municipality, they hope that a controlled outbreak will be treated and that there will be no serious patients.

However, Teba’s was not the only party where irresponsible attitudes were observed, since the restrictive measures do not seem to affect those who celebrated the New Year in the center of Malaga by dancing and drinking in the streets without respecting the rules. distances and no mask the most.

Malaga player’s reckless New Year’s celebration

Meanwhile, in Marbella, Malaga player Josua Mejías celebrated the arrival of 2021 in a nightclub. He and his mate uploaded a video to social media in which they were seen dancing in a room, although soon after they decided to delete it. His club have decided to remove the player from his training sessions.

And in Valladolid, the police had to open the padlock on the door behind which an illegal party was hiding. There were also those who broke the curfew and who, even with excess alcohol, dared to cross the center of Barcelona by bike.

Macro-bottle in the middle of the street in Ondárroa

These images were produced just days after a party on Christmas Eve in Paterna de la Rivera, Cadiz, with zero masks and zero distances, as in Ondárroa, Vizcaya, where no one else could fit in a macro- bottle in the middle of the street whose shocking image you can see in this video.

Some had no qualms about confessing how they were going to celebrate Christmas: “We are going to a party with 40 people in an apartment,” said one man. And many people also met at one place in La Puebla de Cazalla, Seville. There, the mayor has now asked those at the party to self-isolate after the positive of one of them.

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