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the essentials A young hunter from the Hérault is suspected of having shot a rare and protected bird species: the roselin star. It was the naturalist Pierre Rigaux who revealed a conversation on his Instagram account in which the young hunter was telling the facts. According to the father, the case is a misunderstanding and it would be a simple joke.

The naturalist Pierre Rigaux published on Friday, June 4, the content of a conversation on his Instagram account that caused an outcry. An exchange shared by the journalist Hugo Clément, who has collected more than 35,000 likes for the publication.

According to the naturalist, the facts go back to May 31st. The exchange in question, communicated to Pierre Rigaux, takes place between a young hunter from Hérault and one of his acquaintances. “Look at what I shot, the young hunter shouts with a photo of the dead bird. At first I didn’t know what it was and then I did some research.” The hunter would have killed a rare and protected species of bird, a roselin star, in his garden in Saint-Christol (Hérault).

The Héraultais claims to have mixed up two species of starlings.

– “I had never seen one in my life. At first I thought it was an albino star.”

– “Shouldn’t you identify yourself before you shoot? It’s a finch star, it’s super rare,” replied his interlocutor.

– “Usually if, but that’s where he eats my cherries, the hunter replies casually. It was 3. I was in mode, but what’s the strange thing. So I killed him to be able to watch it more closely. Oh yes, it is Rare? “

A simple “joke”, so the father of the hunter

A mistake that is hard to swallow for Pierre Rigaux. “The two-tone plumage of the rose star distinguishes it slightly from the common star, a species common in France that is classified as huntable and susceptible to damage,” he explains to The Prefect, he continues. The shooting of starlings is completely forbidden. “

According to the naturalist, the rose star, which breeds from China to the Balkans, is a very rare species in France. He announced that he had forwarded the information to nature conservation associations “in order to be able to lodge a complaint”.

The hunter’s father reacted to the incident in the columns of our colleagues at Midi Libre. In his opinion, this is a misunderstanding. “It’s a schoolboy joke between students,” he said. My 24 year old son found this bird at the foot of the cherry tree in the garden. He sent the photo to one of his comrades who liked birds and made him believe he had killed it. “

The hunter faces a prison sentence of up to 3 years and a fine of 150,000 euros, although this penalty has never been pronounced.

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