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Publication: Sunday May 9, 2021 9:33 PM

Isabel Díaz Ayuso was in the eye of the hurricane barely a year ago due to suspicion of paying with public money for the luxury apartment-hotel where she stayed during the imprisonment of the first coronavirus wave.

Nothing more and nothing less than a ‘Royal Suite Skyline’ located in front of the Temple of Debod and in the Plaza España Skyline BeMate building, belonging to the Room Mate chain, owned by businessman Kike Sarasola.

The suspicions on the president came after a “suspicious” move in the transparency portal of the Community of Madrid: on May 13, a contract of 565,749.62 euros was published, awarded to the Room Mate channel – the same where she was staying in Ayuso for the start of hotels as COVID-19 residences.

However, that same afternoon, after the first publications about Díaz Ayuso’s apartment, this version disappeared from the web. In its place appeared another contract of 240,443.57 euros awarded to the Coordinadora del Tercer sector, an entity that manages small and medium-sized NGOs in the third sector of the Community of Madrid.

Ayuso and Kike Sarasola himself denied that the money to pay for their stay came from public coffers and the regional government, they attributed the change of contract to human error.

The price per night for this luxury accommodation was 200 euros, although the company and the president have indicated that it will be priced at 80 euros per night as it is a long stay.

The apartment, located on the eighth floor of the building, has two fully furnished terraces with views of the Casa de Campo, the Parque del Oeste and the Royal Palace. In its 88 square meters wide, it has a bedroom with its own bathroom, a dressing room and a dining room with an integrated kitchen.

The alleged use of public funds for Ayuso’s hosting was investigated by the anti-corruption prosecutor at the request of the PSOE, but the case was ultimately archived in late January 2021.

In fact, Isabel Díaz Ayuso showed Gonzo in Salvados the invoice for the stay at the aparthotel as well as the transfer she made from her personal account to make the payment.

“A transfer of 5,580 euros. The payer is Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the beneficiary Room Mate,” said Gonzo, who realized that the president had paid 160 euros more. “I overpaid it, I’m a sucker,” Ayuso said.

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