A man spends 45 minutes in a restaurant bathroom. Angry woman leaves him behind

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Woman shares interesting post on social media Troubled to spend more time in her husband’s toilet, spent 45 minutes in the restaurant’s bathroom and returned home
Recently, a woman made a strange revelation about her husband on the American social media platform. In her post, the woman wrote that her husband spends at least four hours a day in the bathroom. Recalling one incident, the woman said that once they both went to a restaurant where her husband spent 45 minutes on the bathroom. After that, the woman was furious with anger.

It takes 45 minutes to go to the bathroom
In the post, the wife wrote: “My husband Justin started spending a lot of time in the toilet after moving into our new home. They only spend 45 minutes urinating about 4 to 5 times a day. The wife said in The Sun report: “His habit is really disturbing, but the waiting 45 minutes at the table was the real test of his patience.”

45 minutes spent in the restroom of the restaurant
Recalling that day, the wife wrote that when her husband got up to go to the restaurant’s bathroom, the wife reminded him that this restaurant is not home. So they shouldn’t spend 45 minutes in the bathroom here. At that, the husband nodded and said he would be back in a few minutes. When he did not return after a while, the woman went to the man’s bathroom to check if he was okay or not. The woman saw that he was fine and asked him to come out. The husband replied that he would be out in a few minutes.

The wife went home leaving her angry husband
Even after a while the husband was not out, the wife started calling and texting. The husband did not answer the wife’s phone. In a fit of rage, the woman ate her food and returned home after paying her share of the bill. About 20 minutes after arriving home, her husband came back and said the woman was extremely “mean”. When the wife asked if she was not answering calls and messages, the husband replied that his phone’s battery was depleted. The woman’s post is read a lot on social media and many people are commenting on it.

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