a marriage of convenience that never went well


Publication: Wednesday March 10, 2021 6:18 PM

No one remembers a day when, in the halls of the Vallecana Assembly in Madrid, the popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the orange Ignacio Aguado laughed together, without tension, without political agenda or spotlight. Their relationship, forged in the heat of the new multi-party system, forced to pursue a higher good, government, has never known personal harmony.

Ayuso and Aguado both knew theirs was a marriage of convenience and they willingly accepted it. The affinity he felt between their two parties was totally alien to them, but when things were going it didn’t matter. They both knew they were doomed to understand each other.

Although soon, very soon, the friction started. The sparks have not stopped blowing, yes, although the electoral cycles, with elections on a loop since these Andalusian elections of 2018 and the need for management as part of an even greater strategy, added to the arrival of the pandemic, have succeeded in calming the spirits. Until now.

A betrayal expected by both parties

“I don’t know where the list of misunderstandings would end,” sigh citizen sources in conversation with In the PP, they were tired of having the enemy, whom they feared like a green stick, at home. The spirit of betrayal hovered, though it was never consumed.

Pero este martes, con el simple aleteo de una mariposa en Murcia, la moción de censura presentada para descabezar de la presidencia de la Region al popular Fernando López Miras, urdida mano a mano entre el PSOE y Ciudadanos, desencadenó la tormenta, que llevaba fraguándose from start. Suddenly an announcement: the press conference after the Board of Governors – in charge of Vice President Aguado at the time – was suspended. The drums began to beat and the explosion came: Isabel Díaz Ayuso had signed the decree dissolving the Parliament of Madrid and was calling early elections.

“One team” in its early days

There was nothing left of “one team, one team”, which Ayuso had named and underlined in his inaugural address as head of community government. A two-tone frame – for the first time in the history of autonomy – a staff with the faces of PP and citizens almost in the same relationship.

On the C side, the terms overlapped when it was not even noon. While Aguado himself spoke of the Madrid president’s “resignation” – which didn’t make much sense, since it placed him as the de facto president – the Ayuso team announced that yes, parliament was dissolved and that Madrilenians would go to the May 4th poll.

Moments later, and after knowing the popular’s plans, Más Madrid and the Madrid PSOE tried to crisscross the circle and stop the early elections at the same time as they wrested the government from the PP: register motions to distinct distrust. Ayuso took the opportunity and fired all the orange advisers. And she made it clear that she was prepared to go all the way, in court, to defend the prevalence of her decision.

Play after the game

The truth is, it all started badly. After 25 years in power in the Community of Madrid, the PP experienced how the one who was until then at the head of Sol, Ángel Garrido, changed rank after not having obtained the electoral ticket, that Pablo Casado preferred for Ayuso.

This laid the foundation for an unstable, stormy and bad relationship between the two leaders, between the president and the vice president. And when Ayuso appointed former Secretary of State for Communication Miguel Ángel Rodríguez as chief of staff, the knives were sharp again. In public. In front of all voters.

Although its origin is almost in the genesis of the legislature of Madrid. From the start of the executive, in September 2019, the second betrayal was perpetrated, in the eyes of the popular. The Madrid left has demanded a commission of inquiry from the Vallecana Assembly into Avalmadrid, bringing to the fore the reports that have been spread about the granting of a financial loan to the president’s late father as she was already in politics, yes, but second.

Ciudadanos joined what Ayuso herself considered a “circus” and the oranges stood up for themselves, arguing that they were there to clarify the public accounts and hoist the flag of transparency and regeneration. But the schism was already created.

The pandemic has exacerbated the schism

And of these powders, this sludge. Tension has been a constant at Puerta del Sol, at the Royal Post Office, seat of government in Madrid, and the pandemic has made everything worse. “During the pandemic, they left us without a press conference until the question pops into the media,” complain sources close to the vice-president in conversation with this channel.

“Today we vetoed the press conference after the Governing Council unilaterally, but behind it are countless laws introduced without consultation, constant rudeness to Ignacio, the disavowal of his views – which does not can be disowned – “say the oranges.

Reproaches are also a constant among the popular ranks. “They recently presented a bill to force the Community of Madrid to extend the expenses of Telemadrid, the program contract being terminated”, recalls a popular deputy in conversation with this media. “Not to mention his handling of residences and Reyero’s mess. [el anterior consejero de Políticas Sociales, Alberto Reyero, tuvo un encontronazo con su homólogo de Sanidad, Enrique Ruiz Escudero. Finalmente, Reyero terminó dimitiendo]”.

Roommate and “human error”

This is also not the episode of the apartment in which President Ayuso, of the RoomMate channel, spent illness, quarantine and part of the confinement. This conflict between the two parties ended with the dismissal of the technical secretary general of social policies, Miguel Ángel Jiménez, a post of Cs.

The truth is that in the PP they suspected when, after having alleged a “human error”, the Transparency Portal of Madrid published a game of more than 800,000 euros for Room Mate, intended for the adaptation of its hotels for deal precisely with the collapse of patients.

In recent times, the Titanic Orchestra has continued to perform, despite the ghost of approving regional budgets – and its concessions to Vox, which citizens would have to swallow – lurking around Sol. It seemed the stumbling block was saved, in orange eyes, though the friction grew because they saw Ayuso as ruling “as if he had an absolute majority” and boycotted him herself.

But the final lace was about to arrive: it all happened in a matter of hours. When it seemed like everything was calming down, the final storm unleashed. Ayuso dissolves the Assembly, the Table – chaired by Cs – called the motions of censure presented and, now, clearly, this broken marriage will end like any other: in court.

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