A merger of the PP and Ciudadanos? Albert Rivera would maintain contacts with the popular

The possible merger of PP and Ciudadanos could become a reality by the desire of the popular and former president of the orange formation, Albert Rivera. According to “La Razón”, these movements have already started, within contacts that the two parties maintain frequently. According to the aforementioned media, both the PP and Rivera agree that a reunification of the center-right is necessary.

The journalist Carmen Morodo, who signs this information, specified in Más Vale Tarde that these contacts are “usual, continuous and more and more frequent” between Rivera and the direction of the PP, in particular with its president, Pablo Casado, and his number two, Teodoro García Egea.

According to the journalist, Rivera “is very critical of Inés Arrimadas’ approach to the PSOE strategy” and “considers that the things he left are not well managed”, but, even if ” there are those who speculate within the PP “by signing this merger operation, nothing confirms that the former president of Cs has an idea to return to the first political line.

The popular, for their part, do not hide their desire for this merger to take place, judging by the words of the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who expressed this Thursday her wish that “more and more, we are understand because when we don’t, as we have seen, the results are catastrophic. “

For the national spokesperson of the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, this union must be done around the PP because, according to him, they are the only ones able to build this common project. “Citizens at the moment I think he does not meet these conditions, so the PP not only has the leadership, it also has the responsibility, and the PP is chaired by Pablo Casado,” he said.

However, the Orange Party believes neither in merger nor absorption. Its leader, Inés Arrimadas, affirms that the Casado formation wants to prevent people from speaking about its electoral results in Catalonia and that is why it “takes this as a smokescreen”. “We are two different parties, in Europe we are in different groups”, he recalled.

For his part, Cs deputy spokesman Edmundo Bal does not believe Rivera is pulling strings in the shadows to promote this merger. “He said he was quitting politics, that he was never going to protect citizens and that he didn’t want to be – and these are his words, not mine – a Chinese pot of politics,” he said. he said Thursday.

For the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, if this absorption has not yet been achieved, it is because personalities prevail. This is what he said in an interview on “esRadio”, where he defended that, according to him, “it is good for Spain”. “Small personal ambitions, which I hope will be overcome, may be at the root of the difficulties they encounter in an operation of this nature.

The latest CEI barometer would strengthen the positions of Ciudadanos, who remains, while the PP would lose nearly two points compared to January, after Bárcenas’ written confession to the prosecution, in which he directly pointed to former president Mariano Rajoy.

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