a meteor crashes on earth in norway looking for rocks worth 5 cr

In southern Norway, a huge meteorite hit the earth, burning like a fireball. It is said that if people succeed in getting this meteorite, then it can earn them 5 crore rupees. The search for the meteorite continues vigorously in Norway. Due to the fall of this unusual giant meteorite, the Norwegian sky lit up and a loud sound was also heard.

It is said that the fragments of the meteorite were scattered across the sky. Experts from the Norwegian capital Oslo say a piece of meteorite fell not far from the city. There are no reports of injury or damage from the early morning meteor. According to reports, this meteorite began to move towards earth around one in the evening. Watch the video….
It will take 10 years to find the meteorite
A webcam from Holmstrand in south Oslo captured the meteorite falling to Earth. During this time, a bright light was seen in the sky. The Norwegian Meteorite Network analyzed the video and other data to determine exactly where the meteorite fell and its source.

Preliminary data showed that this meteorite fell in a forested area of ​​60 km. It is known as Finnemarka which is located west of Oslo. Morten Billet, who saw this meteorite, says it’s like madness. He said no debris has yet been found and searches are continuing in an area so large that it may take around 10 years to complete. This meteorite came towards the earth at a speed of 15 to 20 km per second and burned for five to six seconds overnight.

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