A Moroccan minister assures that Spain knew “the high price” to “underestimate Morocco”

Publication: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 9:02 AM

The Minister of State for Human Rights and Relations with Parliament, Mustafá Ramid, assured that Spain “knew that the price to pay for underestimating Morocco was very high” and indicated that the country did not conform to the “good neighborliness” to “welcome” the secretary general of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali.

“ The reception by Spain of the leader of the separatist Polisario militias, under a false identity, without taking into account the good neighborly relations which require coordination and consultation, or at least taking care to inform Morocco, is a irresponsible and totally unacceptable act, “Ramid wrote on his Facebook profile.

The arrival in Spain of this leader was the trigger for the massive arrival of migrants in the city of Ceuta, since the Moroccan government had warned a week ago that the reception of Ghali in Spain for humanitarian reasons could have consequences.

“What was Spain expecting from Morocco by welcoming the leader of a gang that took up arms against him?” Asked the Moroccan minister, also asking “what would Spain have lost if it had consulted Morocco on the reception of this individual “and” why Spain has not announced the presence on its soil of the individual in question with his true identity “.

He also indicated that the fact of not having informed the Moroccan government of the arrival of Ghali could be “a proof of his conscience (of Spain) that the act committed is contrary to the relations of good neighbor”. “What if it was Morocco that had committed this act?”

Ramid lamented that Spain “preferred” its “relationship with the Polisario and its mentor, Algeria” to its relationship with Morocco which, as the minister put it, “has sacrificed a lot in the name of the good neighborhood “, which” It should be the subject of special attention on the part of the two neighbors. “

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