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Microsoft first announced the new Git experience in Visual Studio 2019 last year. Based on developer feedback, Microsoft has added new features and improved performance. Microsoft recently announced that the new Git tools are now the default source code control experience in Visual Studio 2019 (as of version 16.8)

We discovered the new features of Git in Visual Studio

For starters, using Git allows us to add local code to Git and GitHub with just one click. The Create Git Repository dialog contains the new built-in GitHub login flow, similar to the one offered for Microsoft accounts.

You can now access your favorite Git features using the top-level Git menu. This can be easily accessed by using the Alt + G shortcut.

After opening or cloning a Git repository, Visual Studio helps us get the code directly. Solution Explorer loads the root of the repository and browses the directory for files. Instead of having to find the .sln file to open it, Visual Studio automatically detects and loads the solution.

The new Git Changes window is designed to provide quick access to commonly used Git operations you need while coding. We can branch, save, stage, edit, and commit changes, all from one place without changing the page or losing context.

If you want to browse and manage the repository, you no longer need to quit Visual Studio. The new Git experience comes with a Git repository window that makes it easy to view all of our repository history.

If you are experiencing a merge conflict, Visual Studio now walks us through the process to resolve it. The Git Changes tool window clearly shows the unmerged changes. Additionally, it displays a status message that specifies that conflict resolution is in progress.

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