a new VET diploma with many career opportunities

Senior technician in training for safe and sustainable mobility: a new VET diploma with many career opportunities

The Official Journal of the State published the RD by which the official title of senior technician in training for safe and sustainable mobility is established, a new title of professional training of higher level, belonging to the professional family of socio-cultural services and to the community, with a two-year training period, 2,000 hours and 120 European system credits (ECTS).

Access to this higher vocational training diploma will preferably be from any type of baccalaureate and educational administrations will teach it from the 2022-2023 school year; although the next course may be scheduled in some centers. The program of these lessons can be followed in public and private centers.

In addition, it offers the possibility that the modules that make up the teaching of this training cycle can be offered at a distance, with the exception of those corresponding to the driving techniques and didactics of practical teaching which must be face-to-face.

According to the deputy director of training and education of the DGT Maria Jos Aparicio “the creation of this new title is an important step for the general direction of traffic since it represents the first regulated training of road safety experts , intended in this case for trainers “. In addition “this title responds to the old demand of the sector and constitutes a deserved professionalization of road safety teachers and comes at an important moment of revolution in mobility and the training of all users to achieve safe, connected and mobile mobility. shared “.

This training cycle increases the possibilities of professional practice, since people who obtain this title will be able to exercise their activity in small, medium and large companies dedicated to the training of drivers to obtain administrative authorizations to drive and, in general, to training. road safety.

They can also exercise functions related to road education, road safety at work and safe and sustainable mobility in public and private entities and facilitate access to university studies.


The creation of this title is directly linked to the world of work, since the people who obtain this qualification will be able to exercise, among other things, the professions of road trainer, director of driving schools, awareness trainer and road rehabilitation. training courses, trainer of courses on dangerous goods and drivers of certain vehicles for road transport, director of training centers for dangerous goods and educator in road education programs or activities in educational centers, higher centers , town halls, associations, companies, state, autonomous or local administrations.

They can also work as a road safety adviser at work in public and private entities, adviser on mobility plans in public and private entities, road safety teacher and facilitator of safe driving courses.

Throughout the two years of training, students will receive different knowledge included in the following 14 professional modules:

• First aid.

• Traffic, vehicle traffic and road transport.

• Organization of driver training.

• Driving techniques.

• Basic automotive technology.

• Didactics of practical driving instruction.

• Road education.

• Road safety.

• Didactics of road safety training.

• Safe and sustainable mobility.

In addition, four other modules are included, common to all vocational training titles.

• Training project for safe and sustainable mobility.

• Professional training and guidance.

• Business and entrepreneurship.

• Training in work centers, with more than 220 practical hours.

The educational administrations will establish the corresponding programs while respecting what is established in the royal decree. In addition, to follow the Didactics module of practical driving instruction, which is taught in the second year, it is necessary to be in possession of driving licenses B and A2.

The creation of this training cycle increases the possibilities of professional exercise possessed by the certificate of aptitude for driving school directors and road teachers, issued by the General Directorate of Traffic, since it offers training to a broader professional practice.

People who are currently working as trainers in driving schools, in centers that provide ADR (dangerous goods by road) training or awareness centers with the appropriate title that the DGT has so far issued can continue to do so. . In addition, Traffic will continue to run courses for teachers and principals of driving schools until there are enough promotions in the new year.


The creation of this new qualification involves the modification of the general regulations for drivers and the regulations of private driving schools. Also the modification of the decree which regulates road awareness and rehabilitation courses and the one which regulates training centers and courses for drivers of vehicles transporting dangerous goods. All these changes, on which DGT is already working, are necessary to adapt to the new title.

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