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the gist That is the unusual story of the day. An American bought a chicken nugget on Ebay for around $ 100,000 or EUR 82,000. The exorbitant price is due to its special shape, which has not escaped the fans.

Midi Libre reports in its columns on the history of this thousandfold nugget. Auctioned on Ebay, this small piece of breaded chicken was sold for 82,000 euros.

It is an American who spent nearly 100,000 euros to get this unique and edible piece.

The seller made a deal. While shopping for a menu at Mc Donald’s, he noticed that his nugget was shaped like one of the characters from the video game Among Us.

184 offers and one deal completed in three days

So on June 1st he decided to put it up for sale on the internet with a catchy title: “Chicken Nugget in the Shape of US Among”. His ad was even spotted on Twitter by Xbox, an account that was followed by 16 million followers. He then received 184 offers. Finally, three days after the announcement, the offer was closed.

The seller stated that “the item will be frozen in transit and then air-sealed to ensure freshness”. As a reminder that the nugget will no longer be edible from mid-June.

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