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Despite the relatively rainy weather in May, which at least in le-de-France is quite moody at the moment, the holiday season is getting closer. And for some, it will be the time to take the motorhome out on the streets. You will certainly not have the privilege of driving a unique motorhome: The Cox Camping! But nothing prevents us from presenting it to you in such an original way. It was just auctioned off by Mecum Auctions in Indianapolis and is largely the story of an enthusiast who created it from scratch in the 1970s.

Lloyd G. Smith started building his giant snail in 1977 … And that, with a Cox only bought $ 300, which he made into his little gem! To do this, he simply cut the Volkswagen in half and then transformed it. Inside is comfort at the rendezvous, there is plenty of storage space, sleeping space for two people and a gas stove.

In order to be able to carry out the transformation, Lloyd G. Smith had to modify the mechanics a little. Namely the improvement of the tires and the rear suspension, but also the brakes, whereby the additional weight for the Beetle is quite considerable! Smith even made a kit out of it that could reproduce his performance on ladybirds.

And he kept his jewel for 52 years without ever parting with it. Crazy charisma, such crazy charm and still a sale price of $ 20,000! History doesn’t tell why the Cox Camping-Car changed hands, but the new owner can boast of having a little treasure in their hands!

Lots of work and modifications. Photo credit: Mecum Auctions

But what does the RV regulation say?

The associations of campers, caravanners and motorhomes come back to the regulations for parking and camping! According to the Highway Code, parking a motorhome is fully allowed in the city, and this vehicle belongs to the category of M1 vehicles, such as cars.

The Cox Camping was sold for just under $ 20,000 or about 16,500 euros. Photo credit: Mecum Auctions

But be careful, parking doesn’t mean camping! It is therefore forbidden to remove wheel chocks, camping equipment or unfolding the awning! Camping on public roads is prohibited as well as in various places:

A kit to transform the beetles: Mecum auctions Coasts of the Sea Sites classified or listed as Historical Monuments of Architectural and Urban Heritage Nature Reserves Perimeter to protect water points for consumption zones established by municipal ordinances.

It is therefore advisable to stop at your resort town hall to let you know about community guidelines. Please note that municipal ordinances must be made known to the public in order to be applicable. They must therefore be placed on official public notice boards and at access points to prohibited areas.

What is the difference?

Although these areas are reserved for mobile homes, they do not both have the same function. A service area only allows the emptying of waste water and the filling of drinking water. The car park allows you to stay there for a maximum of 24 to 48 hours. Please note that parking spaces for caravans are often denied because the parking spaces for mobile homes are demarcated.

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