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The essentials On the heights of Binos, above Cierp Gau in the south of the Haute-Garonne, an eighty-year-old was killed. He was evacuated with the Samu 31 helicopter.

A resident of Binos, at the foot of the Pyrenees in the south of the Haute-Garonne, fell this Sunday June 6th in the middle of the afternoon. He fell off his tractor, which then rolled over him!

This man, who is said to be around 80 years old, complained in particular of stomach and abdominal pain. Firefighters from the Saint-Béat rescue center, who were alerted at 4:53 p.m., intervened with a special vehicle to rescue the injured. The victim was placed on a stretcher and lowered to the municipal stadium, where the Samu 31 helicopter was waiting for him.

This man received medical treatment and was evacuated to Rangueil Hospital in Toulouse, where he underwent a full health evaluation and an assessment of his injuries.

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