A policeman who was walking in Navacerrada saves 5 disoriented young people dressed in street clothes: “They would be dead”

Publication: Thursday, January 7, 2021 18:56

The intervention of an agent of the National Police Information Office who loves the mountains prevented the possible death by hypothermia of five young people who had traveled to Navacerrada by bus with street clothes and shoes , and who were disoriented for about three hours. , without batteries in their phones and the only light of a cigarette lighter, exposed in an area without vegetation to temperatures of minus 8 degrees.

“The young people would have died directly if they had not been found last night,” said the agent to Europa Press, who specifies that he loves to hike in the high mountains at nightfall.

On Three Kings Day, he took the opportunity to play sports, but his walk was interrupted when he heard voices calling for help from the Bal du Monde area, at an altitude of about 2,000 meters. .

Call 112 when you hear voices

The agent from the National Police Information Services shouted several times as he tried to identify these voices in a completely snow-covered area with a lot of ice due to the storm these days. Having received no response, he decided to call the Community of Madrid’s 112 emergency service with his mobile phone. It was 6:48 p.m.

With Emergencias 112, he agreed to descend to the region where he believed the voices were coming from. “It was the voice of a man asking for help, but at the beginning he did not answer my questions”, details this agent, who was equipped with clothes and shoes prepared for the high mountain, as well as a battery in their mobile so as not to lose contact and to facilitate their location in real time by geolocation.

“I took a natural track but the terrain was very complicated by the snow and the accumulated ice”, continues the police officer.

He went to meet young people with the lighthouse on their heads while mobilizing the Special Mountain Intervention Groups (GREIM) of the Civil Guard and Firefighters, as well as the Red Cross, who entered the area by other points.

On the pipeline route

The agent points out that the area was known as the Route of the pipes to the slope of the Garganta del Infierno, where he found the young people after an hour of walking between his warning and 112. “While I ‘ approached this area without trees or vegetation, very exposed, I asked aloud if they saw my light ”, continues the policeman, who adds that the voices approached more and more and that at a certain moment they could already answer him with a “yes”.

“There were five young people, three girls and two boys, in the open air with street clothes and walking shoes,” said the officer from the general information police station. One of them had a sprain but told him he could walk. “They had nothing, no cell phone battery, just a cigarette lighter.”

The officer offered them water and something warm from what he had in his backpack, but the boys replied that what they wanted was to leave the mountain in a safe place.

The policeman took the lead and walked, guiding them, to the nearest aid station. Along the way, they met two GREIM Civil Guard officers who had attended the meeting as well as Red Cross personnel.

Fivi also took part in the rescue, a German Shepherd from the Civil Guard who specialized in searches like that of these three Colombian-born girls and two men, one Colombian and the other Indian, according to sources at the institute. armed. Already at the first aid station, with symptoms of hypothermia, they explained that they had become disoriented and that, in their attempt to call for help, they had called a 911 number before running out of battery in their cell phones. .

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