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Miitopia Game News: A Return To Switch Worth It For Nintendo’s Insane RPG? Posted on May 26, 2021 at 6:33 PM Have you spent hours creating your dream Miis on your Switch? How about if you become the heroes of an incredible adventure? In any case, this is what Miitopia offers, a familiar and accessible RPG that has just been released on Nintendo Switch. It’s a port of the same Miitopia that was released on 3DS in 2016, with finer graphics and some new features. But is it enough to come back to that? In Miitopia, your mission is to defeat the evil avatar who stole the faces of everyone in the area. A story that acts as a pretext for the game’s functionality, which also makes it especially fun. In Miitopia it is possible to customize the face of absolutely any character. It contains the head of your hero, the head of the story’s great villain, but also villagers and important NPCs. And to let your imagination run wild, Miitopia offers a very complete creation interface with a new wig and makeup section that is new in this version of Switch. There really is something to have fun with, and if you want to have fun without spending too much time there, you can always immerse yourself in the most popular Miis characters. For example, we had fun getting Pingu, Pikachu, and a cute dog on the same team.

Easier fights, but not without interest

Okay, obviously your group isn’t going to be all extras. And as in any self-respecting role play, it will take action. Miitopia takes all the codes of the genre, but with a lighter sauce. There are turn-based battles where you only control your own hero while the others attack automatically. It may seem easy like that, but Miitopia has the merit of making the role-playing game accessible, especially since in difficult moments you still have to keep an eye on your team’s life and distribute VP with a small salt shaker. Unfortunately, these moments are rare and we very often regret that Miitopia lacks challenges, although a combat system is quite interesting in the end. It must be said that the connection system between characters at the heart of the game can quickly do a lot of damage. We should therefore not look for a deep or particularly tough role-playing game in Miitopia.

Effective humor that drives you to play

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quirky and fun title, you’ve got the job. We’ve already talked about the customization system, which can make team building fun, but you haven’t seen anything yet. Beyond the purely cosmetic side, Miitopia shows an effective and omnipresent sense of humor. It’s very simple, the title is full of fun scenes that will bring your small group to life. For example, they will celebrate the end of an important mission, exchange a few anecdotes during a fishing trip, and maybe even be jealous of two Miis who are a little too close. Everything will take place during the adventure phases and especially in the inn, where you can make connections between your heroes, buy them weapons and improve their stats. An inn that you will also find at the end of every little excursion. Excursions are also very simple as your party automatically advances left to right and often falls on monsters and sometimes on keys or objects. On the verge of all of this, exploration is limited to a world map that looks like what we find in Mario and some areas that we can explore freely. You will understand that Miitopia’s structure repeats itself quickly, even if the effective humor of the title makes us forget about this problem. It is also this humor that will encourage you to spend several dozen hours in the company of the title, which for him has a very good lifespan.

A new edition on Turn off a little light

We are finally done with the graphics, improved of course compared to the 3DS version. Switching to HD is good for Miitopia and it adds even more emphasis to the colorful and fun side of the title. The animations as well as the soundtrack have something to do with it and bring the little characters to life in their crazy situations. But in the end, we would have liked this version of Switch to go even further in terms of both production and content. But hey, we can’t have it all. Is Miitopia on Switch big enough to fall for it? The answer is yes! More beautiful and with a few small novelties, certainly few, but effective, this version is the perfect opportunity to experience the adventure in the company of the Miis. His stripping humor will make you forget his lack of challenge and depth. For all of these reasons, we give a score of 15/20. By Indee, journalist MP

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