A small group of Franco supporters gather in Mingorrubio to honor the dictator this 20N

Updated: Friday, November 20, 2020 8:19 PM

Published on: 20.11.2020 20:17

Shouting “one, great and free”, a small group of people came to honor Francisco Franco at the Mingorrubio cemetery, in El Pardo.

With their hands raised and singing Face to the Sun, a dozen Franco supporters came, like every November 20, to remember the dictator on the anniversary of his death.

This is the second year that the anniversary of the dictator’s death has been “ celebrated ” at El Pardo cemetery where he was transferred in October 2019.

A concentration that was experienced with great intensity by some of his assistants, among whom a small fight was staged, as we can see in the main video of this news.

After the visit, the mausoleum was filled with badges, Spanish flags, Franco flags and military emblems. And there are many organizations that wanted to pay homage to the dictator.

One of them is the Spanish Catholic Movement, whose representatives made a flower offering and prayed on its behalf. Even one of its members spoke of his “nostalgia” to the cameras of LaSexta: “I miss them. During Franco’s regime, there was peace, order, security, defense of life and joy,” he said. .

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