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Gone are the days when young people and their ideas were not taken seriously. In the past few years, they are being encouraged to invent and innovate more than ever! Proof of this are the many prizes and competitions that exist today that reward young people with innovative ideas.

Particularly noteworthy is the OZY Genius Prize, which awards a handsome sum to young university students who are working on a “project or idea with a positive influence on society”. That year a brilliant New College of Florida student won first prize. It must be said that Antonia “Toni” Ginsberg-Klemmt’s project is very promising. The latter has indeed envisioned a solar AND portable car protector designed for charging electric cars.

Gizmo Power: a practical and innovative invention

Under the title “Gizmo Power” for “Garage / Interior Storageable MODular Photovoltaic on Wheels and Evcharger Rack”, Toni Ginsberg-Klemmt’s project is touted as a “mobile solar carport with an integrated electric vehicle charger”. It is a car dealership that has the double quality of being both solar and mobile, explains the student in her presentation video.

Its frames can accommodate more than twenty solar modules. They can be tilted or lowered depending on the position of the sun. In addition, the Gizmo Power is also 100% mobile. Foldable, you can keep it in your garage during a weather disaster.

A mobile shelter that supplies both the car battery and the home. Photo credit: Antonia “Toni” Ginsberg-Klemmt

What is it exactly?

As you have understood, the Gizmo Power not only allows you to place your electric car, it also allows it to be charged. For this purpose, the car shelter is powered by solar energy thanks to the 24 panels that it can accommodate on its frame. It uses a SolarEdge inverter / EV charger connected to an extension cord that acts as a socket to charge your vehicle.

A brilliant project that won an award in an invention competition. Photo credit: Antonia “Toni” Ginsberg-Klemmt

Note, however, that the shelter does not have an attached battery system. It is therefore imperative to connect it to the grid when it is not being used to charge a car to avoid wasting electricity. Once connected to the grid, however, the Gizmo Power returns the surplus production to you, which enables self-depreciation via net billing.

Big plans for the Gizmo Power

At 20, Toni Ginsberg-Klemmt won the OZY Genius $ 10,000 grand prize. The student is a true renewable energy enthusiast and stated that she has big plans for her solar and portable car shelters. In particular, the one to make an even more powerful one that is used by the students of the New College of Florida. In addition, hundreds of copies are to be produced and sold at a price of around $ 20,000.

This mobile and solar kit is smart. Photo credit: Antonia “Toni” Ginsberg-Klemmt

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Concept: Gismo Power Builder / Designer: Antonia “Toni” Ginsberg-Klemmt Official page: Instagram page: @ gismo.power

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